Book of the Suns Electric Field

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Electric Field Sun

Previously known as 'Book of Coming Forth by Day' or 'Book of the Dead', it is strictly deciphered as
'The Book of the Suns Electric Field'.

The full decipherment is
"The Book of the Suns Electric Field that Inwardly Projects and Seeks Moving Negative Charge Projecting to the Core Charge Store to Project Grain [Energy / Atoms]."

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Book of the Dead
Book of the Suns Electric Field - [350BC - Berlin, Staatliche Museen]

2 - Book of the Suns Electric Field

Capacitor Action of a Star connected via structured plasma...

Nephthys and Isis as the Electric Sun
Electric Sun explained by Isis and Nephthys

3 - Book of the Suns Electric Field

Book of the Suns Electric Field
Book of the Suns Electric Field

The above scene is most commonly known as Weighing of the Heart, the heart is not a heart but actually a type of red pot used for storing milk. This is apparent from stone inscriptions of the scales, such as at the Temple of Deir El Medina.

The pot is filled with milk by Isis and Nephthys positioned together to the left of the scales, the milk symbolizes the nourishment of the cosmos as it defines the negative charge delivered to stars. The scales describe the Suns Electric Potential or Voltage as charge is delivered to the Sun. Ammit sits to the right of the scales and with his crocodile jaw, this explains the Z-Pinch as the underlying principle of the God Electric Kingdom.

The scales are monitored by Thoth, an Ibis bird that has the ability to detect small electric potential differences with its bill when probing the saturated ground in the search for food. Thoth therefore defines the scales as a measure of the electric potential, or voltage to a star. Thoth needs the help of his Baboon to detect changes in the position of the scale, the Baboon measures the calibration pot along the feather at the top of the scale, providing Thoth with an indicator of electric potential. The further away the calibration pot is positioned from the Baboon, the higher the electric potential.

The feather on the right side of the scales is the collector and defines the collection of negative charge toward the Sun , the hieroglyphs call the feather the electric field that propagates the Sun as is shown held in position by Anubis. Anubis is the mean resonant frequency of the Suns electric field, and therefore represents the frequency that negative charge is absorbed by the Sun.

The feather that is supported on the scales has a lever arm counteracting the weight of the red pot. The Strong electric field of the heliosphere maintains the equilibrium and this is shown by Horus or the Peregrine Falcon looking down the level of the scales.

(The feather has a tip that bends over under its own weight depending on the negative charge collected)

Meskhenet is positioned to the left side of the scales, she describes the glow discharge, or lightning that occurs when the milk inside the red pot overcomes the weight of the collector or feather with its lever arm. At this point the scales tip to the left and are supported by Meskhenet and Ammit is fed the milk in the red pot, thus defining the Suns Z pinch.

Below is another version of the Book of the Suns Electric Field, known as the priest Aha-Mer in the Egyptian Museum, Turin, Italy.

Book of the Suns Electric Field Explained
Book of the Suns Electric Field - Aha-Mer Version Explaining Charge Flow on the Scales

On the left side of the scales is Maat equivalent to the Ostrich feather defined as the Collector, she is holding the sceptre meaning receiving power. The hieroglyphs explain that the left side of the scales is negative charge to the core via Amentet quadrupole, (collecting electrostatic negative charge) shown by the Amentet emblem. To the right side of the scales is the pot, or charge store. It reads collecting resonant wave of weak electric field as Anubis collecting many negative charges to anode defining the Scales or balance or how a star is electrically operated by regulating negative charge to the anode.

Babi is seated in the middle, probably indicating that there is stable gravity when the scales are balanced.

Below is a diagram showing how the hieroglyphs are to be presented in relation to the function of the Electric Sun:

Electric Field of the Sun
Electric Field of the Sun and the Heliosphere Hathor

Aten describes how pots are handed to the sun during this process and position at the centre on the Anode when they are full.

Electric Potential of the Sun
Electric Potential of Sun - Weighing of the Heart/Pot

The Sun is the most powerful electrical entity in the Solar System, it stands to reason that its influence will extend outward as far as its heliospheric boundary. That influence, instigates many electrical phenomena on Earth.

Cosmic Order of the Solar System
Book of the Suns Electric Field - Ani and Tutu Version

On the left is interstellar space and the outer regions of the solar system. On the right is the inner regions of the Solar system and the Anodic Sun. The direction of seating and Was or Sceptre as a receptor of power defines the cosmic order of the Anodic Sun. The table of offerings with the white bowl defines the Sun as Anodic, and the offerings are the procurements of the harvest grown which also represent the projection of heat and energy from the Sun.

(Two Unknown) - Plasma Wing attribute is Electric Field Birkeland Current Longitudinal Wave Carrier

Hathor - Electric Field Enclosure (Heliosphere) acting as Anode to collection of Negative charge via quadrupole current sheet described by hieroglyphs for Amentet

(Horus in white) - God Electric Field

Nephthys and Isis - Nephthys is the capacitor action inside the heliosphere that creates the Electric Field. Isis propagates negative charge from the structured plasma.

Nut Supporting Charge Store - Plasma circuit supporting anode or star and plasma circuit negative charge to charge store

Geb - Attribute Gravity Entrapment. (Defining the orbit)

Tefnut Solar Ejection - Sun Lion Magnifier - Negative Charge injection to negative charge store, absorbing resonant negative charge via plasma circuit.

Shu Supporting Collector and Male therefore a process. His hieroglyphs read - Propagate the Sun's Electric Field Collector.

Atum - negative charge induction transmission attribute of electric field. He supports the inner and outer circuit of the galaxy.

Ra with Horus in white - [Voyage] deposits charge stores, God's Electricity Supporting Life supports negative charge to the Suns Electric Field.

The Hunefer version of the papyrus is shown below includes the Ankh as the zone inside the electric field or heliosphere supporting life.

Cosmic Order of the Solar System with habitable zone
Book of the Suns Electric Field - Hunefer Version
Book of the Suns Electric Field Ammit
Book of the Suns Electric Field - Ammit

Column 1

Describes the anodic sun and the Z-pinch being watched and recorded by the God of the cosmos.

Watching attribute structured plasma collect surplus charge great operation recording wave God's Electricity supporting life (sewn in) incident projected wave of the anode Sun [[Unknown Hieroglyph]] Projected power Supporting charge store and its resonance grow plasma river confinement collect inject 'scavenge' many waves collected to maintain movement producing plasma pinch operation and electric field with electricity supporting life [[Hieroglyph]] photosphere projection magnification watched.

Column 2

Describes Many Gods recording the waves of electric potential from the many many many many life forms.

Absorb great collection wave negative charge store. Many Gods great operation monitoring and recording wave of electric potential of many negative charges from many many many many life forms.

Column 2-3

Describes the negative charge projected inwardly powering the plasma pinch operation supporting the anodic sun.

Inject electricity supporting life wave connection negative charge grow wave home projection projecting moving negative charge seeking and projected to support the anode sun producing plasma pinch operation. Negative charge electrostatic discharge monitored tips of Nebula, magnification watched projected power to support charge store and its resonance [Scavenge many waves collector]

Column 3-5

Describes negative charge being devoured.

Recording negative charge wave gravity resonance [to core] electric field inject recording wave celestial body electrostatics projected [dielectric - djed?] inject celestial body projection wave many recordings wave projection negative charge operation project operation devouring negative charge at (ammit) plasma pinch seeking collection injection, seeking collection transmitted operation operating pyramids negative charge vortice wave injection connection wave vortice charge store land many homes project negative charge move seek electrostatic discharge monitored.

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