Kom Ombo Temple

The temple of Kom Ombo is actually a double temple dedicated to Sobek the Crocodile, describing the Stellar Bennett Pinch as well as Horus, the Peregrine Falcon describing the strong electric field as the source of the Bennett Pinch. Kom Ombo Temple explains the underlying principle in how Stars and the Galaxy function in an Electric Cosmos where the electric potential of negative charge, explained by Thoth, is supplied to the Stars from God by the Female circuitry of the cosmos...

Sobeks Crocodile jaw describes the action of the stellar pinch, a pinch is the compression of an electrically conducting filament by magnetic forces. The conductor is usually a plasma.

The phenomenon of a Bennett pinch is named after Willard Harrison Bennett, it is also known as the electromagnetic pinch, magnetic pinch, pinch effect or plasma pinch and Z Pinch.

Pinches occur naturally in electrical discharges such as lightning bolts, the aurora, current sheets, solar flares and the Stars. The hieroglyphs go into great detail explaining the physics of the cosmos using special characteristics of the plants and animals on Earth. The true decipherment of the hieroglyphs as a sacred hidden code, was discovered by this website in the aftermath of the Christchurch Earthquakes.

It is a good idea to understand first principles before proceeding, and understand how the male and female deities are derived.

Kom Ombo Temple
Scene from Kom Ombo Temple, Edfu - Horus and Sobek

Above, to the left and right sides you have the Strong Electric Field of the Sun represented by Horus as the Peregrine Falcon with his wings fanned inwardly. The Strong Electric Field Horus represents item 1 below, the first requirement of a Bennett Pinch and the corresponding electric potential that exists across a star.

Bennett Pinch
Stages of a Bennett Pinch

The Sceptre and Shen Ring then define a receptor of power, showing that a current flows between the electrodes of the strong electric field. This is also proven by the confined plasma hieroglyphs in the center that both Horus and Sobek are seated on.

In the center are the two cartouches explaining the Bennett Pinch of a Star and how it is powered by God's Electricity. The hieroglyphs for Ptah show how resonant negative charge in a Birkeland Current is confined axially into a plasma pinch. This happens when the strong pinching magnetic force is generated by a discharge current. Sobeks Crocodile Jaw then describes the action of the stellar pinch, the unique characteristic of the Crocodile is its Jaw, which is known to be the most powerfull pinch force of any animal on Earth and capable of reaching forces in excess of 22000N!!!

The whole process is powered to support life, explained by the Ankh hieroglyph held by both Sobek and Horus, meaning to support life.

A closer look at the two cartouches above reveals the mechanisms at work powering the anodic plasma pinch known as a star...

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Kom Ombo Cartouches
Cartouches at Kom Ombo Temple, Edfu

The left cartouche describes how Gods resonant oscillation of the birkeland current powers the Sun creating a focused electric potential at the anode store and corresponding plasma pinch, this is watched over and receives power to the strong electric field supporting life.

[[The right cartouche has the lion referring to magnification and the Hannes Alfven solar circuit where electrostatic capture of negative charge is absorbed into the land to support life....]]

Kom Ombo Temple
Kom Ombo Temple, Edfu

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Seshat Emblem at Komombo Temple (Left) and Magnetic Field Shielding Earth from the Solar Wind (Right)
- Offering Charge -
- Suns Strong Electric Field -
- Plasmasphere -
- Solar Ejecta / Wind -
Ra Shu Sekhmet Komombo Temple
Sekhmet (Right) & Shu (Center Right) at Komombo Temple - Showing solar wind / ejecta [Sekhmet] powering and collecting charge at the plasmapshere [Shu].
Heh Komombo Temple
Heh at Komombo Temple (center) showing electric throughput between anode stars
Komombo Temple
Horus at Komombo Temple (right) receiving power from the galactic circuit
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