Anuket is the negative charge monopole operating wave, or primarily what we understand as the operating oscillation of the Galactic Arm of the Milky Way that we sit in which is the sun's electrical feed.

The negative charge monopole is directed into a Pyramid which alters the charge state of the planet altering celestial mechanics and also supplying Khnum with charge, maintaining the sheath around a celestial body.

Pyramids are electric discharge points on the Earth's crust built from conductive rock they work as a quadrupole that directs charge into the earth, charging the planet.

The hieroglyphs for Anuket outside Djoser Pyramid shown in the picture below read:

Pyramid facilitates the great absorption. Many waves from the anode support life receiving power from dielectric to a celestial body or Earth as the supported charge store, absorbing negative charge to the land.

Anuket and Neferhotep on Sehel Island
Anuket giving the Ankh to Neferhotep on Sehel Island

She is female because she provides electrical nourishment in the cosmos.

She holds the Ankh in one hand to show that she supports life in the cosmos by offering charge.


[[[She personifies the operating wave of the Galactic Arm between two Stars which the hieroglyphs describe as delivering negative charge via birkeland current and magnetic monopole field of the galactic arm... Horus as the strong electric field steers the barque. Stars have heliospheres that are at set distances apart shown by the barque length and also maintained by the wedjat. The barque rides on plasma shown by the rectangle at its base. The Solar Ejection or 'wind' is shown in allignment with the barque as being inside the magnetic field of the arm of the milky way... ]]]

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