Seshat measuring the Frog jump - Geomagnetic Field Strength
Seshat Measuring the Frog Jump at Luxor Temple

Seshat is not an Architect, Architects do not have pet Frogs. GodElectric discovered that Mythology is the true Physics of the Universe expressed through the plants and animals on Earth. The plants and animals used in Egyptology present functions and natural principles of the Universe and how the planet is nourished with God's electricity.

It is the special characteristic of the Frog, that is diamagnetism - or the animals ability to levitate in a relatively weak magnetic field when compared to other animals.

Therefore, as Seshat measures the height of the Diamagnetic Frog jump she is indicating the Magnetic Field Strength of the magnetic canopy / umbrella.

Seshat is shown to the right, carved on the back of the throne of the seated statue of Rameses II, in the Amun temple at Luxor. A frog is shown balanced on a Shen Ring ready to jump and Seshat is measuring the height the frog can jump to. Frogs are diamagnetic animals, meaning frogs levitate in a magnetic field.

The stronger the geomagnetic field of the Earth the higher the frog will jump.

Frog Levitating in a Magnetic Field

The height that Seshat is prepared to measure the frog jump by, tells us how much we should increase the geomagnetic field strength of the Earth. Magnetic fields are produced by moving electric charges, increasing the charge store increases the height the frog will jump to. Khnum shows that we protect ourselves from harmfull cosmic rays by increasing the charge store and the creation of the Khnum Ram horn.

The chart below shows the latest geomagnetic field strength of the Earth at two different equatorial locations. The chart shows the same principle as what Seshat displays in Stone by measuring the Frog jump at Luxor temple. The only difference is that instead of units of height for a Frog jump, we express magnetic field strength in NanoTesla, in honour of Nikola Tesla ...

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GOES Magnetometer is located in Earth’s geographic equatorial plane, approximately 6.6 Earth radii from the center of Earth, Satellites with magnetometers monitor the geomagnetic field and its variations. Typically there are two GOES operational satellites: GOES East, located over the east coast of the U.S. and GOES West, located over the Pacific, just west of the U.S. mainland. At times, though, data are available from more than the two prime operational satellites. Click the chart to go to the website...

Seshat Emblem at Komombo Temple (Left) and Magnetic Field Shielding Earth from Solar Wind (Right)

Magnetic field of Earth and Seshat Emblem as Umbrella magnetic field...

Using Mars as an Example...

Mars is interesting as it has umbrella magnetic fields, and the electrical scarring of the southern hemisphere proves the correlation between electrical interaction of the sheath and ground...

David Mitchell, a research physicist at UC Berkeley's Space Sciences Laboratory said Our data show for the first time that the crustal magnetic fields are a major factor limiting erosion of the atmosphere in some regions. These fields are like umbrellas scattered over the surface protecting the atmosphere.

Palermo Stone...

Palermo Stone has multiple uses of Seshat's emblem e.g.

[Seshat Emblem] Negative charge lightning produces magnetic field to core,
deposit negative charge [electric force / gift] magnetic field to core.

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