Noah's Ark Suggestion

The background to Noah's Ark is Genesis 6. A world that is full of wickedness and continual evil, where the Sons of God are defiling Love by taking many beautiful young woman of whomever they desired (Genesis 6:2). This defilement of Love (a type of Baal worship), caused God to say that in no way would his spirit stay with these men (Genesis 6:3) and that to destroy this evil he will wipe away the man whom he made from the surface of the Earth, along with beast, reptiles, and winged creatures (Genesis 6:7).

One man in this generation, called Noah found grace in the eyes of the LORD God (Genesis 6:8). Noah was then instructed to build what is today called an "Ark".

But my translation from the Greek Septuagint (LXX) explains differently what the 'Ark' could be refering to, shown below:

Genesis 6:14 [LXX] ποιησον ουν σεαυτω κιβωτον εκ ξυλων τετραγωνων νοσσιας ποιη σεις κατα την κιβωτον και ασφαλτω σεις αυτην εσωθεν και εξωθεν τη ασφαλτω

Gensis 6:14 "Make then for yourself an 'Ark' from staves having four angles, nested compartments built moving to and fro against the 'Ark' and ashpalt to move to and fro it internally and externally the asphalt."

Derinkuyu Underground City Cave Complex - Nested Compartments built into Volcanic Ash Debris

"Ark" is rendered κιβωτον - root word meaning "Preserver". Caves have traditionally been used to preserve items by people all over the world for millenia.

To me all this is describing the construction of a cave system in fallen volcanic debris called, ἄσφαλτος (Asphalt) a word derived from σφάλλω (sphállō, meaning material that was "cast down") such as volcanic debris which are cast down.

Derinkuyu underground city is such a site that fits this description: A massive underground cave complex, built in volcanic debris / ash.

Derinkuyu Underground City Cave Complex - Nested Compartments built into Volcanic Ash Debris

The Derinkuyu complex is believed to be 85m deep, and Genesis LXX says the "Ark" was 300 Cubits, correspondingly this would make the cubit 28cm - or roughly the length of a forearm.

Cambridge linguist Dawkins, between 1910–1911 while writing his book on Cappadocian Greek wrote, "their use as places of refuge in time of danger is indicated by their name καταφύγι"

GENSIS 6:16 - καταγαια - against/in the side of (gaia) earth - would therefore also be describing the "Ark" as a Cave System and not a Boat, being inside the Earth.

It seems obvious to me that this underground "City" is a preserver or "Ark", for people and animals in the event of a large volcanic eruption. It is built ~60km from two volcanoes both with similar Greek names to Ararat (where the "Ark" was said to be).

Argaeus Volcano ( Άρ-γαίος) now known as Erciyes and Argos Volcano (Ἄρ-γος) now known as Hasan are positioned equidistantly on opposite sides of Derinkuyu, and both volcanoes have the beginning root word "Αρ", similar to Αρ-αρατ (Ar-arat) where the "Ark" became calm after 150 days (Genesis 8:3).

It is therefore likely that the true location of Mount Ararat (Αρ-αρατ) is the place where Derinkuyu is now named, positioned equidistantly between the two volcanoes, Άρ-γαίος and Ἄρ-γος in the Greek.

Derinkuyu underground city was estimated to populate some 20000 people, including animals. You would therefore assume it has enough space to take every living thing of all flesh, two of every sort according to Genesis 6:19.

The doors in the cave system also fit the description in Genesis being millstones with apertures that roll only openable from one side..

Here is a quick summary video I found on Youtube, showing Derinkuyu - which I Believe is Noah's Ark:

Video Intro to Derinkuyu

Even more evidence for this amounts when you decode Genesis 7 using the Greek LXX Septuagint.

It is clear that God is destroying flesh from the Surface or Face of the Earth.

God destroyed man with the Earth. (Genesis 6:13)

Genesis 7:11 2nd month 27th day - ἐρράγη (ROOT ῥήγνυμι) MEANING BURST OUT. (VOLCANO) BURST ALL THE 'SPRINGS - πηγαι' OF THE 'ABYSS-αβυσσου', and the 'torrents' of the sky/heaven were opened.

The flood of charge, incoming into the Earth's atmosphere as a result of the charge displacement causes H2O molecule to form. This is recorded clearly in Genesis 7, when it is said to rain 40 days and 40 nights at the beginning of the "waters of the flood" from God - (Extreme rain is recorded at volcanic eruptions).

In the same day Noah entered the "Ark" with his family and the Lord God shut him in the "Ark".

NOTES - To be written up later:

7:20 is the επεκαλυψε (Cover) every mountain and high place 15 cubits - it must be ash that covered the land 15 cubits in my opinion. (Liquid flows to the lowest point, whereas Volcanoic Ash Debris will settle on mountain peaks 15 cubits).

150 days the "liquid" probably refering to either the charge or liquid lava, prevailed upon the Earth - Genesis 7:24

Genesis 8:1 Wind upon the earth, abated the Ash. Again wind does not abate water, but it does abate ash.

8:2 and the springs of the abyss (Volcanoes) were revealed. And rain/ash from the sky stopped.

8:3 After 150 days the water/ash lessened and preserver/ark settled(εκαθισεν). [ROOT WORD καθίζω]

Clues to this are in Genesis 8:3 as well: The Water (AMBUSHED) going from the earth. and the electricity lessened after 150 days. ενεδιδου ἔνεδρον - ambush

Water isnt going to kill winged creatures, as most float on water - but ASH is different, it would most certainly kill all creatures - GENSIS FLOOD I BELIVE IS A FLOOD OF INCOMING ELECTRIC CHARGE, CAUSING RAIN AND VOLCANIC ERUPTION WITH ASH 15 CUBITS DEEP ACROSS ALL THE LAND.

[NOAH BUILT AN ALTER - GENESIS 8:20] - could this be what is thought to be a Persion Fire Temple on the side of Erciyes Dagi today - a suggestion?

In Summary

Genesis 1 - in the beginning was the RIVER (Electric Charge - Electricity - Birkeland Current)

Genesis 6 = The flood of water, is a flood of electricity. Which created volcanoes.

This causes a volcano, which rained - 40 days 40 nights extreme rainfall prior to eruption. This I believe wiped out the Neanderthal in Western Europe.

Genesis 11:2 also fits the description from the Septuagint: as it says they journeyed away off East (ἀπὸ ἀνατολῶν), that they found a plain in the land of Shinar what then becomes Babylon.

Ninevah / Shinar - Babylon is 700km to the EAST of Derinkuyu.

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