The action of the [Galaxy] electric field accelerating negative charge. Negative charge whip.

[The whip keeps the Cow (Galaxy) moving, thus ploughing the cosmos for charge - referenced Deir el-Medina].

In Ancient Egyptian creation myths, she gives birth to the Sun, Ra. She is referenced as being the river of stars known as the galactic circuit of the Milky Way Galaxy.

Mehet-Weret is primarily known as being the “Celestial Cow” or “Cow Goddess” - similar to Hesat

Mehet-Weret is described as being the mother of Ra. A sun disk lies between the horns on her head, which describes her as the supporter of the Sun and its heliosphere. Ra or the Stars being created by discharge from the galactic circuit.

Nut also sometimes depicted as a Cow, because she is the flow of negative charge to a charge store.

The hieroglyph for negative charge is similar to what we understand as the electron. The video below shows how an electric field can be used to accelerate negative charge, or electrons and this behaviour is monitored in space using space probes.

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