Plasma Circuit Current Flow.

Anhur is male and therefore describes the process of charge flow known as Current using a plasma circuit.

We use Amperes to express the flow rate of electric charge. For any point experiencing a current, if the number of charged particles passing through it - or the charge on the particles passing through it - is increased, the amperes of current at that point will proportionately increase.

Anhur is generally depicted as a striding king wearing a long kilt decorated with a feather-like pattern, a short wig topped by the uraeus (serpent) and a crown of four tall feathers. He sometimes holds the sceptre to show that he is a process that receives charge and the ankh as it is a process that supports life in the Universe.

Often associated with Isis, explaining how the Structured plasma of the cosmos supports current.

However as moving charge or current of a plasma circuit he was also associated with the Male processes Ra, Montu, Sopdu, Sobek, Horus and Shu.

Meretitef Stele - Showing Isis to the left, Osiris and Anhur. Pouring Surplus charge as current to the structured plasma of the cosmos to support life.

Meretitef Stele
Meretitef Stele - Isis, Osiris and Anhur

A quick translation reveals the Steles true meaning, transferring negative charge as current to support life in the Galaxy using pyramids...

Line 1: Aetheric/Deep space pyramid resonant negative charge to outer galaxy. Watching Gods Structured Plasma [deliver] many negative charges. Attribute of God is great anode, [sistrum] Gravity, negative charge to core via plasma circuit, attribute of plasma circuit is moving store of charge (Current) collected. Entrapped star Gods great anode seperation wave connection to anode projected [unknown hieroglyph]

Line 2: Watching Gods Structured Plasma [something] plasma charge store [dipole] connection watched, structured plasma negative charge plasma shell insulator, projected by electric field. God Scavenge and seeks [pendulum - resonance] to Negative charge store, to deposit negative charge collected at resonant wave. Attribute of Anubis (Electric field resonance) is anode star projection connection.

Line 3: Operate collection projected of negative charge to home. Many Gods many electric fields projects [something] connection waves negative charge plasma shell insulator, plasma circuit to pyramid [creating khnum] Collected at projected resonant surplus charge store.

Line 4: Collect projected resonance to surplus charge. Negative charge to charge store, plasma circuit. Anode Electric induction deposits projection birkeland currents to support life. God Collects and seeks connection to many lands, support stable outer galaxy, watching Gods structured plasma collect birkeland currents to support life. Negative charge plasma shell insulator outer galaxy.

Line 5: Negative charges deposited, projected and sewn in, negative charges projected and deposited [sistrum]. Great entraped negative charge. Life [something] Stable surplus charge operate [something] by projected power to support charge store (celestial body) and its electrostatic resonance. Home [something] outer galaxy current collected to entrapped celestial body.

Line 6: [Something] God, deposits negative charge, is attribute stars outer galaxy, Gods enclosure seperation/pulsed wave many [celestial bodies] moving charge / current to operate plasma wave lightning electrostatic of anode home collection

Line 7: Birkeland Current [something] negative charge plasma shell insulator, negative charge deposit negative charge plasma shell insulator, attribute of a star is structured plasma negative charge plasma shell insulator, electric field projects negative charge to [something] [sistrum] absorbing negative charge to land.