Mut was believed to have existed since primeval times, existing alongside Nun, the background energy. Who Giveth Birth, But Was Herself Not Born of Any. The Mother of the Sun in Whom He Rises.

Mut at Luxor Museum

Mut is female and therefore forms part of the circuitry of the cosmos that nourishes both planets and stars with electricity. The hieroglyphs for Mut describe propagating negative charge by a process familiar to the Old World Griffon Vulture (Gyps fulvus) known as 'Scavenging'. Scavenging is a misunderstood practice, often affiliated to either sight or the olfactory system, it is however far more complex. Vultures are known to interact with other animals to find their food and have an ability to find isolated carcasses and gather quickly in large numbers in areas where they had previously been scarce. Known by native Africans as Izingwony zenkosi or bird of the Lord, the native African peoples believe correctly that they find their food through dreaming or telepathy. Vultures fly high spread out at high altitudes they form a communications network over the landscape

The Vulture is a beautiful animal, it is used in the hieroglyphs as it is the animal that best describes the nature of organising and gathering negative charge from the cosmos powering planets, stars and galaxies. Further study will reveal its secrets.

The brain is a transceiver, capable of receiving and transmitting signals to and from the electrical environment that surround it. We can measure the electric potential delivered through the scalp using EEG or ERP, and it is known that bald heads achieve far greater signal capture. The brains of small birds are very sensitive to higher frequencies, due to their small diameter (wavelength) brain as a longitudinal electromagnetic receiver. It is theorized that the brain of the Vulture can produce and detect longitudinal electromagnetic waves of the nervous system to at least a limited degree. It is theorized that Scavenging requires the detection of longitudinal electromagnetic waves from surrounding animals and other Vultures. Knowing precisely when it is safe to scavenge is the most vulnerable moment in a Vultures life.

Similarly, Stars are linked electrically, the hieroglyphs describe a mechanism whereby electricity is organised and shared amongst the cosmos (Isis), using longitudinal electric signals.

Kirlian photography / electrography using High voltage electricity shows that hair discharges to the environment creating an electric field around the brain. In the case of telepathic ability of the vulture, rather than to grow its hair long it is nearly bald.

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