Akhenaten is male and therefore defines the process of collecting negative charge oscilation to the sun which powers the electric potential of the photosphere ...

Akhenaten hieroglyphs describe the Sun Collecting negative charge provides the electric potential to photosphere wave - similar to Book of the Suns Electric Field and is why he is shown worshipping the Aten.

Hathor the Heliosphere at the Left Edge and Akhenaten in the Center as the Suns Electric Field Collecting Negative Charge shown by the Aten

Other names...

Great of Kingship in Akhet-Aten >>> Electric field projector grows collection receiving charge via Sun's stellar dipole magnetic field the collection of Suns negative charge wave

Receive Projection Wave Inject [Sun] Weak Electric Field Collector - [Weak] Negative Charge Collector - [Strong]
Akhenaten Cartouche
Akhenaten Cartouche
Stellar Dipole - Akhet Strong Electric Field Support Life - Ankh Operate Birkeland Current [Record / Plasma Offering] Receive Negative Charge

Cartouches for Akhenaten explain the flow of negative charge powering the Sun...

Nefertiti offerings to the Aten at Mahu
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