Bes defines Gravity as the foot hieroglyph. Kawab is Gravity Supporting Electric Discharge and is the clockwork of the solar system.

The hieroglyphs describe how power is projected using pyramids providing an orbit stabilizing influence in the God Electric Kingdom.

Electric discharge supported by gravity is clearly visible on the surface of planets as scars formed by electrical arcing, an example of this machining is Valles Marineris on Mars.

Mars Valles Marineris
Valles Marineris on Mars

When a planet is surrounded by a double layer sheath, it is protected from direct electrical interaction with any outside body. Two electrically charged planets, each surrounded by such a plasma sheath cannot see each other electrostatically. However, if a body having a different electrical charge, penetrates the double layer, moving into the plasmasphere surrounding a planet, electrical interactions (current discharges) can and will occur. Thus, if any other body such as a large meteor (or asteroid, comet, etc.) should come close enough to penetrate the plasma sheath, violent electric discharges would occur between the two bodies. It would, of course, be unfortunate to be standing at the point of origin of such a discharge. But the discharge itself might destroy the intruder and protecting the celestial body from an otherwise disastrous collision. See Khnum for more information...

Alternative names for Kawab...

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