Seti I Tomb

Maat KV17 Seti I Tomb
Maat - Stairwell C, KV17

Maat is shown above Stairwell C, in Seti I Tomb, KV17. She is kneeling down facing to the right showing the direction of negative charge from the structured plasma powering the plasma pinch operation defining a star.

On her left wing the hieroglyphs explain how negative charge is collected via Amentet the heliospheric current sheet and on the right side of her wing the hieroglyphs explain how the negative charge produces a plasma pinch operation by flow of charge to the anode. Maat has the Ostrich feather on her head that symbolizes the collection of charge from the structured plasma of the cosmos, shown as the Throne hieroglyph to her left and right.

Below is a pillar in chamber F, KV17 and it explains the flow of negative charge powering the plasma pinch and capacitor when using GodElectric Hieroglyphs...

KV17 Seti I Tomb
Nephthys and Seti I - Pillar Chamber F, KV17

Nut, Amentet, Nephthys, Isis, Amun, Maat, Ptah, Osiris are all mentioned on the pillar explaining how the capacitor (Nephthys) is powered.

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