Geb is an attribute of Gravity Entrapment known as the Orbit. He is male and therefore cannot be part of the circuitry of the cosmos and is instead a process. Gravity is an electrical phenomenon and explained in further detail by Bes.

Geb - Gravity Entrapment (Orbit)

Without the Sun's gravity, Earth would go off into space along a straight line. With the Suns gravity, it is pulled back toward the Sun. There is a constant tug-of-war between the Earths tendency to move in a straight line, or momentum, and the tug of gravity pulling it back. The Sun has effectively entrapped the planets due to its gravity, enabling the connection of Birkeland currents shown by the embrace between Geb and Nut.

Geb's body is usually shown twisted around to the left to show that the Earth rotates on its axis, from west towards east or counter clockwise as viewed from the North Star.

Geb is also described as a collector of charge, as the planet moves through the vacuum of space charged particles are collected defined by the ostrich feather hieroglyph known as the collector shown throughout his body.

Opposite charges attract, so the action of Earth moving on its orbit through the Sun's weak electric field explained by Amentet allows for the accumulation of negative charges. Earth acts as a spherical capacitor explained by Nephthys, the connection of negative charge to the Earth is explained by Set through the creation of the Earthspot. Lightning on Earth is explained in further detail by Meskhenet.

Electric Environment of Earth Global Lightning

The central location of the Djed Column to Geb indicates the higher lightning rates around the equatorial region of the Planet. These are generated by the Faraday action of the Earth.

Planet Earth Geb Shu and Nut
Revised NASA Planet Earth diagram - Shu - Plasmasphere, Ra - Sun, and Nut - Plasma Circuit Negative Charge to Store

Shu is the plasmasphere, Nut is the plasma link Birkeland Current connecting to Earth at the poles.

[[Comets have elipitical orbits because as they discharge travelling from outer to inner solar system, it effects gravity.]]

[[The homopolar motor we happen to live on is constructed of a "dirty" semiconductor. And the more conductive veins running through it are where earthquakes, and volcanoes emanate from]]

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