Atum's hieroglyphs are seeking negative charge induction collector.

Atum is male and therefore a process. Atum is Electromagnetic Induction and is contrasted with conduction explained by Khepri.

Electromagnetic induction is the production of an electromotive force across a conductor when it is exposed to a varying magnetic field. As induction Atum is one of the most important and frequently mentioned in Egyptology as he plays a vital role in powering the Universe.

In 1981, Hannes Alfvén said that galaxies are much like one of Michael Faraday's inventions, the homopolar induction motor. A homopolar induction motor is driven by magnetic fields induced in a circular conducting plate. The plate is mounted between the poles of an electromagnet, causing it to spin at a rate proportional to the input current.

God Atum
Atum - Induction - Book of Breathing (AC Current)

Atum holds the sceptre to define a process as a receptor of power

Atum supports both the inner and outer galaxy, showing that the electric galaxy is supported by a process of electromagnetic induction.

Atum controls large absorption by the corona - see Apep

Similar and closely linked to Nefertum describing electricity supporting life as negative charge induction.

Atum is known as a primal creator and in the beginning there was nothing but Nun. As the myth states a mound of rock rose from Nun and upon it Atum created himself. Mainstream Egyptology describes Atum as the father of Gods, however at GodElectric we know Atum as induction and is therefore the process powering electric stars, galaxies and planets in the Universe.

Atum is known as the first creation of Ptah, the conductive medium (Ptah being the resonant negative charge of birkeland current).

Electric Galaxy
Electric Galaxy - Galactic current circuit with the galaxy as a unipolar inductor.
Horemheb Atum
Horemheb kneeling down offering charge to Atum who is seated on Hapi ('Alternating' or Resonant Birkeland Current), Luxor Museum.
PositiveLC Circuit- Anubis - electric field resonant wave collector is capacitor and Inductor

The Sun is a body that acts much like a resistor with a relatively high voltage across it. It also serves as the central anode in a spherical plasma discharge.

Theory: Alternating Current through the copper coils induces an alternating magnetic field which in turn induces heating.
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