Monteregian Hot Spot

Negative Charge Lictenberg Figure

Located on the North American New England plate the Monteregian range are a series of plutonic intrusions into the sedimentary bedrocks. Created by electric discharge from space the ecosystem, mineralogy and geology are both unusual and unique to the planet. The two native summit birds are the Peregrine Falcon and the Turkey Vulture, both species represent a hieroglyph that describes God's Electricity and the movement of celestial bodies in the God Electric Kingdom. It is also one of the most prolific mineral localities in the world with a minerals list exceeding 350. Hornfels have a unique tetragonal quartz crystal called Carletonite, being quartz it is piezoelectric and could also be used in radio communication.. Sites like Monteregian are also of the correct date to present a plausible explanation for dinosaur extinction or intervention post asteroid impact. It is possible by changing the electrical charge state of a planet you can change Gravity. The Earths gravity and surface charge causes radially oriented electrostatic dipoles to be formed by most atoms inside the Earth with the inner pole positive and the outer pole negative. Since the particles are free to rotate, their dipoles will line up and the weak dipole force of each particle will add up to produce the effect of gravity. The clockwork of the solar system is governed by gravity and its stability provided electrically, GodElectric theorizes that the Monteregian Hot Spots are the result of charge transfer between bodies in space, providing an orbit stabilizing influence in the God Electric Kingdom model allowing life to exist on Earth.

Mont Saint Hilaire
Monteregian Hills

A Monteregian Hot Spot is an electrical structure different to a hot spot volcano because Magma never manages to break the surface, instead a mass of igneous rock surrounded by the sedimentary rock cooled slowly as it had melted and was forced aside by the electric discharge forming an outer corona. Viewed from space and shown in the image below, you can see the Hot Spots as clearly visible discharge points on the Earths crust. GodElectric believes these structures were created between 60-120 million years ago and offer explanations to the electrical stability of our planet and its orbit in the God Electric Kingdom.

Monteregian Hills From Space
Monteregian Hills From Space

The habitat consists of two bird species existing side by side, the Turkey Vulture and Peregrine Falcon. These animals correspond to the hieroglyphs describing God's Electricity (Isis) and the movement of celestial bodies (Horus) using the electric force. The universe is writing not only pictorially in tombs and pyramids but also as a real living entity through untouched habitats on our planet. In the Bible it is quoted, “God created every winged bird according to its kind” and “saw that it was good” (Genesis 1:21). In deciphering the hieroglyphs the Vulture is theorized by GodElectric to have gained an evolutionary advantage by having a bald head, allowing the vulture to sense its environment with minimum interference using longitudinal electric waves. In terms of the universe and the electrical circuit this is representing how the transmission of longitudinal electric waves dictate when charge can be transmitted. Horus, or the Falcon is shown supporting the stars as he describes the electric potential of celestial bodies. A Falcons movement pattern of gaining potential through circling followed by a dive or stoop can represent the electrical behaviour of bodies in the universe, and how stability is provided electrically. The Falcon is also the fastest animal on the planet, again defining the animal as meaning movement and the electric potential. The animals offer a rational explanation for the Monteregian Hot Spot as electrical structure in Gods kingdom, used for transferring charge between bodies as a method of providing stability by electrically moving celestial bodies.

Montegregian Turkey Vulture Montegregian Peregrine Falcon Carletonite

For a vulture to posses such an expensive characteristic as a bald head in the cooler climate of North American subcontinent, it shows us that thermo-regulation and heat dissipation is secondary to the primary advantage of balding - telepathy. Unusual lattice structures in the rock at neighbouring sites like Mount Royal are intriguing as Structural Geology not typical of volcanic eruption offers further support to the God Spot theory. There is also the legend at Mont Saint Hilaire, describing three fairies guarding the mountain but abandoning it and their immortality to marry their mortal lovers.

There are also gravity anomalies in the region of Hudson Bay, electrical scar.

Gravity (Foot) Supporting Electric Discharge (Pot)