Isis is described by the hieroglyphs as the propagation of negative charge that supports the structured plasma in the Universe, she is the cosmic power line providing God's Electricity. On the Ra-Horakhty papyrus she is shown as lighting the flame that propogates a star.

Isis is female and therefore part of the electric circuitry of the cosmos as she provides electrical nourishment to both planets, stars and galaxies. The painting on the wall of Seti I tomb with her wing stretched out describes how she represents the supply and demand creating the cosmic power line or Structured Plasma in the Universe.

Painting of Isis in tomb of Seti I Temple in the Valley of the Kings

The right side of her wing describes God (Mut) 'scavenging' negative charge, seeking surplus charge store and then recording it.

The left side of the wing describing negative charge electric field to support life by receiving power from the dielectric vacuum to the collector.

In the centre, supported on her head is the hieroglyph for Structured Plasma. This hieroglyph was previously understood as a throne, perhaps indicating the structured plasma of the universe as the throne of God. It is however shown in temples as a blue rectangle meaning plasma, supported by a structure, and therefore means 'Structured Plasma'. The picture of Isis in Seti I tomb shows how these two processes of supply and demand create God's Electricity supporting the structured plasma of the cosmos.

Painting of Isis in tomb of Seti I Temple in the Valley of the Kings

The Tyet represents the structured plasma circuit of the cosmos that supports all the Ankhs and therefore all life in the cosmos. The Tyet is often shown adjacent to the Djed Column which is the dielectric insulating medium of space, that exists between the structured plasma circuit.

Charged particles fill all of space as electrically conductive plasma. The filaments of magnetized and radiating matter between stars and between galaxies are plasma. A web of electromagnetism connects planets, moons, stars and galaxies and this is described by Isis.

The movement of charged particles is an electric current. These currents give rise to pervasive magnetic fields and to high-energy electrical events. They power exploding stars and erupt as intensely energetic jets from galactic cores. Modern telescopes can now view these events at high resolution and across the full electromagnetic spectrum. Unexpected, elaborate structure has sprung to life in radio, infra-red, ultraviolet, and X-ray wavelengths. These surprises of the space age call for a re-examination of long-held theories about how the universe works.

IsisStructured Plasma
Graphic representation of Structured Plasma in the Universe (Isis)

At every scale, the electric force Horus plays a vital role. The Ra-Horakhty papyrus shows Isis to the right as the Structured plasma of the cosmos that propagates the flame or plasma powering the Sun.

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