Meskhenet is the glow discharge or lightning that occurs on celestial bodies in space, being female she is part of the electrical circuitry of the cosmos - the nourishment of negative charge to a celestial body.

Lightning is an example of a Plasma, which is why Meskhenet is drawn as the rectangle hieroglyph that describes Plasma. Plasma is one of the four fundamental states of matter, the others being solid, liquid and gas.

Meskhenet as a black rectangle defining Plasma in Book of the Suns Electric Field

Lightning is not generated in clouds, clouds merely form a convenient path to Earth for electricity originating in Space. Without clouds it is still possible to have lightning such as is evident on Venus. Weather systems are driven primarily by external electrical influences from space.

The hieroglyphs naming Meskhenet explain this phenomonen, how electrostatic charge and lightning is created on Earth as well as on other celestial bodies in the universe. The negative charge wave, or what we understand as Cathode Rays penetrate through a plasma depletion zone or hole in the anodic ionosphere, shown by the circular plasma sieve hieroglyph and in further detail by Set. This allows negative charge to penetrate the anodic ionosphere, causing a region of electrostatic charge below, shown by the folded cloth hieroglyph. This electrostatic charge builds up within the dielectric air and is visibly seen discharging as lightning. Lightning is most commonly seen as a flow of negative charge into the Earth and described by Meskhenet, this flow of negative charge into the Earth charges its capacitor maintaining the magnetic field. The Earth capacitor is explained in further detail by the hieroglyphs for Nephthys.

Meskhenet Lightning
Meskhenet as Natural Lightning on Earth

Stanford University write that the extent of the ionosphere reduction (or hole) is closely related in time and space to the rate of lightning discharges, confirming this relationship explained by the hieroglyphs for Meskhenet that the plasma depletion or hole creates the lightning. Stanford do however mislead people by drawing the wrong conclusion from the standard model, believing that the electricity originates in the thunderstorm cloud rather than external influences mainly from space.

In periods of reduced negative charge Pyramids are structures that the hieroglyphs explain allow for the absorption of negative charge into the land, this electric discharge is via God and is explained as supporting life in the universe using the Ankh.

Meskhenet is pictured in action below from the ISS, the sprites above the lightning storm show how positive charge leaders from the positive electrode ionosphere, visibly stretch through the mesosphere in glow mode seen as lightning in the cloud discharging below.

Meskhenet and Shu - Positive Charges from the Ionosphere seen as Sprites over Africa. Photo taken by ISS

A diagram showing how electrostatic charge phenomenon presents itself above a thunderstorm.

lightning Upper Atmosphere Ionosphere

Positive discharges from (ionosphere) cloud to ground are by the military industrial complex and are the Double Layer (Khnum) being discharged, we are seeing the net result and consequence of this stupidity by a depleted magnetic field being measured on the Earth.

Positive charge leaders make up 5% of lightning and are generally not described by the hieroglyphs as a lot of this type of lightning is man made. Created by short circuiting the Earth with the Ionosphere, the lightning is normally many times more powerful, sometimes over ten times the electric discharge of a negative charge leader.

Most sprites appear to be associated with these positive cloud-to-ground (CG) lightning strokes which are significantly displaced from the electrically active cores of thunderstorms. No sprite has yet been found which was initiated by a negative CG (the normal polarity for a CG), as the power of negative leaders is generally not sufficient to reach glow mode in the mesosphere. Because of this the evidence suggests that some of these storms with positive leaders are man made or electrically induced, the result of which is to deplete earths capacitor and store of negative charge. It is not a good thing to see too many sprites, unless it is a negative charge leader above a Pyramid.

Any negative charge leader is unlikely to reach glow mode discharge in the mesosphere, unless sufficient anode was on the surface as would be the case if God directed negative charges into the quadrupole that is a pyramid, as the earth is the negative electrode.

It is likely the main reason for the depletion of Earths reservoir of negative charge, and with it Earth's corresponding magnetic field that shields us from cosmic rays is due to these positive charge leaders, sometimes seen in glow mode in the mesosphere as sprites.

In the Book of the Suns Electric Field Meskhenet describes how lightning is created on the Sun.

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