Gosford Hieroglyphs

The Gosford hieroglyphs are located in Australia, and are largely ignored as they do not fit the consensus model that is mainstream Egyptology. Written into sandstone they have been preserved as they were excavated within the last century, meaning that it is possible for these hieroglyphs to be many thousands of years old.

Gosford hieroglyphs look genuine and are easily understood once you understand the characteristics of the animals in their natural environment on Earth..

Gosford Snake Hieroglyph - Absorption of Negative Charge
Gosford Snake Hieroglyph - Absorption of Negative Charge to Support Life
Support Life Absorption Negative Charge

For example the resting snake means absorption. A snake is an ectotherm animal, meaning it uses external sources of heat to control body temperature. When the snake is resting it is absorbing energy from its surroundings, this is explained in further detail by Ra and the electric nature of stars. The hieroglyphs shown above tell us that "negative charge was absorbed at a frequency to support life". .

Near to this inscription is another set of hieroglyphs showing the duck, a water bird supported on a cartouche displaying the following hieroglyphs.

Gosford Hieroglyphs - Supporting Water Planet (Earth)
Gosford Hieroglyphs - Electricity Supporting Celestial Body
Celestial Body (Earth) Entrapment Electricity - Supporting Life Electrostatic Projector Electric Field - Weak

The hieroglyphs above read: Electricity supporting life projected into the weak electric field supporting the entrapment of celestial body.

Anubis is also drawn facing the Sun and holding the Ankh, shown below.

Gosford Hieroglyphs - Anubis
Gosford Hieroglyphs - Anubis and the Sun

The hieroglyphs for Anubis describe the collection of energy at the resonant mean frequency of the electric field. By looking at the Sun Anubis could be indicating the collection of energy from the electric field of the Sun. He holds the Ankh in his right hand to show that this is to support life.

The hieroglyphs at Gosford clearly label a pyramid as the plasma link connection for a transmission projection of the anode as seperation to the home charge store.

Gosford Hieroglyphs
Gosford Hieroglyphs
Electrostatic Seperation Home Charge Store

Evidence that this site is an ancient pyramid structure is supported by the discovery of other neighbouring pyramid structures in Australia.

Youtube video showing other Australian Pyramids