Book of Earths Electrical Connection

Greenfield Papyrus
Book of Nesitanebetashru [Greenfield Papyrus]

The papyrus was previously known as "Book of the dead of Nesitanebetashru". It however actually has nothing to do with the dead. Instead the papyrus explains earths electrical connection to the cosmos, and how the Earth is powered by Gods Negative Charge Electricity sourced from the cosmos via the circuit of the Milky Way Galaxy known as Nut.

Milky Way Galaxy - Nut
Milky Way Galaxy - Nut
Milky Way Galaxy - Nut

Shu's arms supported by Khnum as the Double Layer, are shown arrousing Nut, showing how negative charge flows from the Milky Way circuit into the plasmasphere and Geb this supporting the magnetic field of the Earth.

Khnum represents the double layers and corresponding plasma sheaths, that store charge in their corresponding electric fields. The papyrus describes the different double layers existing between the earth and surrounding cosmos and how they are powererd by God's Electricity, or negative charges sourced from the Milky Way circuit known as Nut.

Shu as the Plasmasphere is positioned in the center of the Papyrus. On top of Shu's head is the hieroglyph that describes the magnetic field, showing that the Papyrus is all about how Earths magnetic field is supported by powering the Plasmasphere with Gods Negative Charges:

The plasmasphere is a collector of charge, shown by the true meaning of the Ostrich feather hieroglyph deciphered as a Collector by GodElectric.org:

Shu Greenfield Papyrus
Shu - Plasmasphere (Van Allen Belts)

Shu is positioned in the center of the papyrus, Shu represents the Plasmasphere and Van Allen belts. His arms are stretched outward to represent the van allen belts that stretch thousands of kilometers out into space. Shu has hieroglyphs that explain him as the electric field collector, where charge is collected by 'arousing' Nut because the Plasmasphere is an electric field that collects plasma.

To the right of Shu's head, between his outstretched arms that represent the outer Van Allen belts the hieroglyphs read: Attribute of the 'Vortice' Collection, is stable plasma circuit injection.

To the left of Shu's head, are the hieroglyphs for Nut that explain how negative charge is stored via a plasma link connection.

Khnum Greenfield Papyrus
Left Khnum

Shu's arms are shown supported to the left and right by Khnum. Here Khnum is representing the double layer of the earths electric field, with his horns that represent the plasma sheath.

The hieroglyphs read Plasma sheath charge store, supporting electrostatic faraday action, plasma injected, magnify negative charge, Gods resonant negative charge projected via a plasma link.

The hieroglyphs to the right of the left Khnum above Geb explain how the negative charges pass through the ionosphere which acts as a plasma sieve, thus supporting life. Negative charge precipitates through the ionosphere and experiences a quadrupole magnetic moment. Negative Charge is then injected into Geb as the homopolar motor Earth, shown by Geb's twisted body.

Khnum Greenfield Papyrus
Right Khnum

The right Khnum again represents the double layer and has hieroglyphs that read: Resonant negative charge plasma link connection, electric field seperation, here there is a connection and discharge. Attribute of sun is negative charge to store, via plasma link connection, this is Gods negative charges that produce lightning - arc mode discharge.

Above the right Khnum are some additional hieroglyphs explaining how the van allen belts store charge as a collector.

Below a simple diagram shows how the negative charge precipitates through the positive electrode plasma sieve ionosphere to be discharged into the Earth as lightning.

Lightning Meskhenet
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