Amun explains how stars are powered and is linked to one of the most powerful electrical processes of the Universe, an exploding Star or Supernova. A great proportion of primary cosmic rays come from supernovae, and the hieroglyphs explain that this is a key attribute of the Suns received power.

A supernova is not an exploding star in the conventional sense. Plasma isolates itself with thin walls of opposite charge called double layers, and a supernova is simply a star engulfed by an exploding Double Layer meaning two parallel layers with opposite electrical charge.

Djoser Snakes, Saqqara - Supernovae Energy Supernova
Djoser Snakes, Saqqara - Monument to Supernovae Energy

The hieroglyph for 'Supernova Plasma Ejection' is the plasma rectangle with a row of snakes all with dilated hoods, monuments are constructed explaining this hieroglyph such as outside Djoser Pyramid in Saqqara shown above.

The hieroglyphs defining a Plasma Supernovae Ejection...


Amun was always known to be the personification of the hidden and unknown creative power which was associated with the early universe, what cannot be seen. In plasma cosmology the universe has no beginning or end, with Amen describing how the current universe came to be through Osiris or love.

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