Christchurch Man Made Earthquakes

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. - Ephesians 6 : 12

On 22nd February 2011 (22,2,2011) the cartel that owns the military industrial complex attacked Christchurch with their Earthquake weapon, killing 185 people and injuring thousands. This article is written from the perspective of a Civil Engineer on the ground in the aftermath of this event, employed at the leading Geotechnical Engineering firm in the country, which was responsible for the Earthquake Commission land damage assessments. I am not a whistleblower, the people in the military have yet to come forward.

It is believed that the motive and principality for the attack was financial greed. The cartel used the military industrial complex to target the Central Business District of Christchurch, the area with the highest land values as a method of releasing stored funds. Prior to the Christchurch Earthquake New Zealand was the least indebted nation of the western world. Increasing Government debt driving wealth back into corrupt insurance markets in the City of London and other financial institutions of the world at the expense of the people of New Zealand.

The motive of greed meant the destruction of the city was planned meticulously. Little thought was given in regards to any rebuild. Corrupt banking cartels privately bought up the most profitable part of the reconstruction process, the project management companies like Fletchers, in advance of the Earthquake occurring.

Earthquakes are the result of charge displacement, causing underground lightning. The hieroglyphs describe the dynamics of Earth events dictated by the Sun, through the relationship explained by Sekhmet and Ptah.

To understand how Earthquakes can be electrically induced, we will begin by explaining what is commonly termed as HAARP, what ionospheric weapons do is provide a method to release electrons charging the ground which can then have that energy released back to the environment in the form of Earthquakes, similar to what happens in a Lichtenberg but on a planetary scale.

In the beginning of the clip, the specimen had been irradiated by a high-current 5 million volt (5 MeV) electron beam. The specimen was then carefully flipped over, and irradiated a second time. This created two independent highly-charged negative charge planes, each about 1/2" below the surface. This is then discharged by making the connection.

Bernard Eastlunds patent is shown below adjacent to the Tutankhamen headrest. The two Lions each mean magnification, they highlight the dynamics of the Earth as a spherical magnet in space. In theory HAARP type transmitters have a multiplier effect because they can couple into the Plasmasphere and Van Allen Belts, they are able to release stored charge creating Earthspots, known as regions of negative charge inducing electrical displacement and Earthquakes in the rocks below.

Bernard Eastlund HAARP Patent
Bernard Eastlund HAARP Patent alongside Tutankhamen Headrest - Shu.

The conclusion section of the patent contains the following text:

"This invention has a phenomenal variety of possible ramifications and potential future developments... Two new approaches to weather modification and control are suggested. The first is for manipulation of the steering winds that control the development of meso-cyclones, or the modification of the directions of the jet streams that influence development of hurricanes. The second is a method for influencing the electrical charge distribution in weather patterns such as meso-cyclones. Possible defence applications include a method of accelerating electrons to MEV energies in conjunction with the HAARP antenna. Research applications include the creation of bright and controlled guide stars for astrophysical purposes. Thus it can be seen that the ramifications are numerous, far-reaching, and exceedingly varied in usefulness."

Raytheon, the company owned by cartel bought the patents to HAARP and have offices in Christchurch, what is more worrying is they also have bases located across the entire Antarctic continent. This is of significant strategic importance.

Signals are magnified at the poles of the earth many thousands of times by the phenomenon known as Tesla Magnifying Resonance, creating the energy required for large natural disasters. Because of this phenomenon both Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, the U.S. Navy, Russia and China are in a race for military supremacy at the poles. SuperDARN is one such array that is already established at the poles of the earth under the guise of experimentation, it does however have hidden modes of operation which have been photographed such as at Unwin radar.

SuperDARN Unwin Radar Unwin Radar
Significant ionization visible near Unwin SuperDARN Radar - Bluff, New Zealand

The SuperDARN radar is strategically located, near the main electricity trunk line from Manapouri power plant that serves the Aluminium smelters at the south of the island.

I was holidaying near Bluff on the Southern tip of New Zealand, 3 days before the December 2011 Earthquake for my trip to Stewart Island. I saw an ionized rainbow cloud not more than 1km above the surface of the earth, I heard clicking interference on the radio and suffered severe drowsiness. Later that day there was a wave formation of clouds going back to a singular point in the sky as far as the eye could see.

Below is a picture of backscatter in Bluff, this was occurring during the week prior to the larger earthquake events in Christchurch.

Bluff Scalar Clouds
22/12/11 (Approx. 24hrs to Event) - Backscatter producing Scalar Cloud Spiral near Unwin Radar - Bluff, New Zealand

Before the larger earthquake event Russian media channel RT reported 107 dead pilot whales being washed ashore on Stewart Island, close to where Unwin radar is located.

Dead Whales Bluff
107 Dead Pilot Whales - Stewart Island, New Zealand

Because of the power transmitted into the ionosphere by these antennae interference can be heard on all bands of the car radio, shown below.

Truthers on the internet did a great job of exposing what happened, with videos such as the one below appearing on Youtube...

The chart below is by Ben Davidson at Suspicious Observers. It shows the correlation between the Sun's Polar Fields powered by God's Electricity and major Earthquakes on Earth > M8.0. HAARP is able to couple into this power, directing natural disasters here on Earth. All the Earthquakes listed on the chart below have been coupled and directed using HAARP type ionospheric antennae.

Solar Polar Fields and Earthquakes (2010-2014) Showing Correlation between Earthquakes and God's Electricity - Chart by Ben Davidson at SuspiciousObservers

The power for these Earthquakes is not generated in the core of the Earth. The hieroglyphs explain we are part of the God Electric Kingdom. God's Electricity flows through the galaxy charging planets and stars. The energy of HAARP suffices to trigger quakes when the natural situations allows for it. Consider a dam that holds a huge amount of water. With little energy you can destroy the dam and release a huge amount of destructive energy. Natural electric events from the Sun build up huge energies in the plasmasphere that HAARP only releases, resulting in Earthquakes and Volcanic eruptions. When used in this manor the Galactic power line, or God's Electricity is effectively coupled into and being used to destroy cities like Christchurch, New Zealand and others. God will answer this stupidity, its written into the civilization, in our music, made from the heart, as an Omen.

Christchurch EarthquakeInvaders Must Die Christchurch Earthquake
22/2/2011 - Central Business District Targeted - Christchurch, New Zealand & 23/2/2009 Invaders Must Die Omen Album Cover

The earthquakes and over 10,000 aftershocks were 'pepper-dusted' across the Canterbury plain by the military industrial complex. Coordinates were given regardless of the lithosphere - hallmark evidence that a HAARP weapon was being used to generate the land damage. Sometimes ruptures would occur less than 10km below the surface of Christchurch, at extremely shallow depths. The vertical acceleration was recorded up to 2.7G or 2.7 times the force of gravity, extraordinarily high for the magnitude of earthquake. For a shallow rupture to develop such a high vertical force an Earthquake weapon is the only plausible explanation, the physics are more akin to having a bomb detonate underground.

Christchurch Seismic
2.7G Vertical Acceleration. Shallow Rupture.

In the Cashmere Caverns below Christchurch, one of the worlds most accurate Ring Lasers was installed in 2005. This extremely expensive and sensitive equipment was unmanned and supposedly installed for the Canterbury Physics department. It did however have a live uplink onto the internet which the military could in theory have accessed allowing them to accurately calculate the charge state of the surrounding area.

Military using Directed Energy Weapon on Christchurch City - Photographed 29/3/2011
Military using Directed Energy Weapon on Christchurch - Photographed 29/3/2011

Fox news also reported that 9 US senators and a "delegation" just "happened" to be in Christchurch New Zealand and just "happened" to leave a couple of hours before the quake struck.

They marked the 2 year anniversary of the September Earthquake with an electrical storm. Golf ball hail rained down on the people of Christchurch. The MetService said there were 140 lightning strikes from "cloud to ground" within 150 kilometres of Cathedral Square. MetService meteorologist Dan Corbett described the event as a "one-in-10-year event or may be even rarer".

Christchurch Golf Ball Hail
Photos of Christchurch Electrical Storm - Sept 2012

Could the NWO be in the process of unknowingly for filling Bible prophesy...

"Earthquakes in divers places." (Matt 24:7) (Mark 13:8) (Luke 21:11)

The meaning of the word conspiracy - "A secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful".

The chart below shows the recent up tick in the number of worldwide earthquakes between magnitude 6 and 8 due to the introduction of Bernard Eastlunds patents and the Earthquake Weapon.

USGS Worldwide Earthquakes between magnitudes 8 and 8
USGS Worldwide Deadly & Destructive Earthquakes between magnitudes 6 and 8
Example of the visible cloud resonance pattern seen in the skyline prior to the Japan Eq

If you read this article, it is important you understand sites like Project Freedom and mindcontrol.se. Your thoughts are not always your own.

Also I can recommend reading Robert Duncans Book Soul Catcher. It has a very exact account of the methods and practices used to torture me, as a Civil Engineer who saw the truth whilst on the ground in Christchurch. I never cried for these people that tortured me, despite being locked up, tortured and discredited so that I lost my career. The only times I would ever cry is when they would use my true love against me, threatening to rape and abuse her via synthetic experiences, synthetic telepathy and Voice to Skull technology. I underwent years of torture like this. The most hurtful of any being ten years earlier for reasons I do not understand, they deceived her from me using this technology soon after we fell in love whilst studying at University.

(Note: On page 235 Robert Duncan explains that the leadership of this planet still use the phonetic translation of the hieroglyphs to communicate, which is effectively showing their complete ineptitude due to greed. They failed to look at even the basic principles in nature knowing full well this is the God Electric Kingdom.)

The electrical resonance of the Earth and the creation of Earthquakes is watched by God. Not only this but every thought is being watched from afar, including the entirety of the Illuminati or leadership of this planet. The symbol that is the Eye of Providence carries with it this very meaning, that nothing is hidden from the cosmos. The cosmos allows free will on Earth but explains clearly that this universe is about love. The leadership of our planet has become stupid over time because they do not follow this path, instead following a path of greed, blinding them from the real truth which is Gods earth. It is true that I proved God to my mind controller, by deciphering the hieroglyphs infront of them as they tortured me from my true love.

Truth is stranger than fiction, its an extraordinary Universe and our hearts and minds are linked to it - Anubis.

Puppetmasters are the mind controllers
For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. - Ephesians 6 : 12

Picture from Truth - Puppets Album - Showing the mind control in Christchurch - All Proceeds of the Album go towards the Quake Relief in Christchurch

My True Story in Christchurch

To understand my true story you will need to be able to comprehend mind control, remote neural monitoring, synthetic experiences and synthetic telepathy. If you struggle to comprehend that these technologies exist I can recommend researching the subject on sites like: Project Freedom.

I arrived in New Zealand August 2011, blissfully ignorant that man made earthquakes were a true reality, having never heard of HAARP or Electric Universe theory. I immediately started work at a leading Geotechnical engineering firm where I was to evaluate land damage for the Canterbury land information report and EQC claims. EQC is the New Zealand Earthquake Commission that provides disaster insurance for residential property in the event of a natural disaster.

I was a fit and healthy man who understands his body, it was apparent that working in Christchurch I would suffer from severe exhaustion, usually in the run up to Earthquakes. I was also speaking to the people of Christchurch, face to face and in contact with up to 30 earthquake victims per day with many describing similar symptoms.

If you have ever been in an earthquake you will understand the immense power to behold, to comprehend how this power could be man made or electrically induced takes some deliberation. It is now understood by scientists that an earthquake is the result of underground electric discharge, or underground lightning and I have explained the theory behind this using the hieroglyphs for Ptah.

It was December 19th 2011 when I was driving a hire car to Bluff for a Christmas vacation to Stewart Island, I approached Bluff from the Catlins Conservatory Park on the Tokanui Gorge Road Highway and Gorge Road Invercargill Highway. All the occupants of the vehicle, were suffering from severe drowsiness and were asleep despite being fully rested the previous day at Dunedin. Sometime between 2:00pm and 4:00pm close to my approach to Invercargill outside the left hand window of the vehicle was a ionized rainbow cloud, not more than 1km above the surface of the earth. It puzzled me and I questioned the occupants of the vehicle as to what sort of rainbow can appear in a cloud, no one could answer the question and we did not stop to investigate because we were all suffering from severe drowsiness. There was also clicking interference on all bands of the car radio, including FM. At this point I also received a subliminal message which I originally thought was God, it said "You will need that cloud later". That evening we stayed at a Hostel in Bluff, I looked out to the North and could see wave formation of clouds going back as far as the eye could see, it ended at a singular point in the sky close to where I saw the ionized rainbow earlier that day. Just 3 days later the 4th largest earthquake struck Christchurch.

Upon further investigation back in Christchurch I found that the Unwin SuperDARN Radar was close to the location we drove past. The SuperDARN array stands for Super Dual Auroral Radar Network, and had evolved in the west during the late Cold War.

It wasn't until a month or so later that I was sitting at my desk late one night in Christchurch and felt another strange earthquake. During this event everything on my desk did a completely vertical bounce, there was no horizontal movement whatsoever and so I immediately began to wonder what are the physics involved in creating such an effect. I then found out about HAARP.

I wrote an email to a Structural Geologist from Otago University questioning his paper about the earthquakes and their cause. He very helpfully refered me to an equation about rupture planes but I was still not satisfied with the laws of cause and effect, having experienced what I could only describe as a bounce - not an Earthquake. Four weeks later I was posted on an unusual job to investigate a slump from extraordinary excessive rainfall of someone's front drive in Akaroa. It became apparent that the front drive I was investigating was the Structural Geologist I had emailed querying man made earthquakes 4 weeks prior. There must have been tens of thousands of homes in the Christchurch area with thousands of Engineers answering queries, but I end up at the structural geologists property who I had only just emailed regarding HAARP.

Upon meeting him on his driveway we discussed the earthquakes, he told me he was having great difficulty writing his next paper on the subject. He was suspicious in what I was saying about HAARP but said he would not be able to comment. I remember the specific urge to speak words that I did not want to say when others around me were talking. I kept quiet but found the whole experience odd, eventually some months later I worked out that the entire event was staged via mind control. Mind controllers had contrived the entire meeting, including the abnormally high rainfall that caused the slump on his driveway.

Sometime continued and I carried on investigating man made earthquakes using ELF. Eventually convincing myself about the science behind such an event. It was after trying to raise the alarm with a colleague at work that I came home to hear an audible message in my ears whilst alone in my bedroom. This was around May-July 2012, the mind controller said - "We will rape her, just say Never Happened" so I said out loud in my bedroom "Never happened". It was an audible message, like being on the phone to someone but inside your head and I believe it is done using a technology called voice to skull.

Shortly after I received this very threatening message a photo appeared of the girl I love on facebook looking like she had fallen down some stairs, however she would not speak to me about it so I was unable to understand what went on.

Naturally intrigued as to what mind control was I looked for answers on the internet, it was only now that I began wake up to the nature of totalitarian mind control and what events they had contrived previously in my life. What seemed like an impossible truth, that they could both listen to and control the thoughts in your head was a reality that was slowly beginning to dawn on me. I began to notice mind control when I was surfing the internet, if I found a website on the subject of man made Earthquakes whilst in Christchurch I noticed it would become apparent that it was increasingly difficult to concentrate. I put together more and more evidence, and was positioning myself to wake up people in Christchurch.

At this point they decided enough was enough and they started to target me in a much more deadly manor. I would feel a powerful energy around my head making it impossible to sleep. I can only describe it as feeling like a halo, and they would prod my body with energy beams from satellites, making me feel incredibly vulnerable like I was going to die. This went on for some hours, unable to sleep I decided to try and find refuge from the torment, but there was nowhere I could go. The church doors were locked and I was receiving instructions in the head as to where to drive, I followed the instruction and they said they would take me to Christchurch Raytheon office. A large military weapons contractor with the technology for inducing man made earthquakes, with bases located around the poles of the earth exactly as Bernard Eastlunds patents describe. I followed the directions they were sending to me via the thoughts in my head and ended up driving to a field about 1.5 hours north of Christchurch. It was here that I believe they planned to kill me, the whole time I had extremely powerful halo feeling around my head. I had not slept in over 24 hours because of this torture, I stopped the car on the side of the road and was still being pulsed by military grade mind control weapons. I got out of the car and went into a field, it was here they called themselves the "Beast", and asked me if I would die for God, which I replied "Yes", using only the thoughts in my head. I was bought down onto my knees where I experienced a powerful sensation of the planet wobbling on its axis, it felt like I was connected to the planet and feeling all its pain through my own body. Scared and driven to the limit with mind control and unable to sleep for over 24 hours I got back in the car and drove back to Christchurch. Somehow they made me drive the car as fast as I could the wrong way down the motorway. The entire time they were saying to me using the thoughts in my head repeating, "close your eyes, trust in God", "close your eyes, trust in God". I came to within an few millimetres of losing my life, at one time skimming the wing mirror of a car travelling in the opposite direction with my eyes half shut going in excess of 200kmh, as fast as the vehicle would go with my foot flat to the floor. Luckily no one was hurt and I had survived their attempt at killing me while making it look like a car suicide. I survived the 1.5 hour trip back to Christchurch in what felt like minutes, I arrived in Christchurch where the police were all mind controlled without their perception. They had me stripped naked and put in a cell, they asked me to wear a Jesus Christ outfit to which I refused. They then paraded me around naked in front of the police men and women to sit on a table where I would speak like a child from India, I was totally mind controlled. My life at this point had been turned completely upside down and they began their process of trying to break me down in mental hospitals. I have never had a mental illness, Edward Snowden has leaked information describing how they can inflict these symptoms by targeting your spinal cord using satellites.

I had no defence against so much technology and power, what with Earthquakes going off all I can do is tell the police the truth, that they had tried to kill me and make my death look like suicide. Obviously no one believed me and the mind controllers then pursued the avenue of discrediting me by mind controlling professionals to make them believe I was ill.

I felt like I was in a dangerous position, knowing that there was another British Geotechnical Engineer who had worked in Christchurch but had subsequently been found dead whilst on holiday in Morocco. The story behind that is that both him and his wife jumped off the balcony of a hotel they were staying at when they had a family of three young Children. An unlikely event, which I believe was totally contrived by mind controllers because of what he knew.

The first night I was administered into mental hospital I was unable to sleep, they would play loud modem noises into my head all night long. The staff would restrain me and inject all types of drugs into me, I ended up totally disorientated. I would lie in fear in my room not knowing what was going to happen next, as people charged up and down the corridor, mind controlled but without their perception.

My brain was being pulsed so much I could move objects in my vision if I focused on them, I was made to hallucinate appearing to be able to bend signposts and other objects. You become totally disorientated, and helpless. Everyone around you is being mind controlled, my house mates turned against me going to complete emotional extremes without me even saying a word. One minute she said how beautiful I was to the next minute kicking me out of the house that I had paid rent for in a blind rage, in-between which I said absolutely nothing. Upon walking out onto the street a car with a young driver came hurtling down the road, almost running me over. The road I was living on had roadworks at one end and was closed, the speed the driver of the car was driving at me I believe him to be mind controlled. The really powerful mind control technology is totalitarian, its like they can walk in and out of people totally undetected, controlling every nerve in their body. I was utterly helpless against such forces that were trying to discredit me as a Civil Engineer who has awoken to the truth of man made Earthquakes in Christchurch.

In mental hospital I know that I am having my brain pulsed by satellites, every time I explain that this is mind control I get another injection from some lethal drug, sometimes with up to ten people restraining me while they pull down my trousers to inject the poisons. I must have had my trousers pulled down over ten times in this period so they could force-ably inject me against my will. Mind controllers use mental hospitals as a prison to discredit people of a sound mind, the nurse could not perceive the truth. I was in the hospital for total about a month in New Zealand, I was allowed out and I used that time to exercise, cycling to Akaroa but finding it very difficult due to the quantity of lethal drugs they had administered into my body. In the end you give up, because no one is capable of comprehending mind control as a reality. Its almost like they have a box they tick, once you have it ticked there is nothing you can do to convince them otherwise.

I was administered to a Maori court of law because the main court building had been destroyed by the earthquake. Here the judge ordered me out of the country and back to the United Kingdom. I knew the judge would be completely mind controlled so I thought my best defence was to say nothing at all. Mind controllers are above the law, there is no defence against them, they can remotely monitor of transmit to the brains of anyone they like, no matter who or where you are - even the Queen is vulnerable to attack.

On my return flight back to the United Kingdom I wasn't free from them anywhere, even as we flew over the Himalayas and China at 40,000ft, they could still interface with my brain using the thoughts in my head. Little did I know I was to endure many years of torture, using more sophisticated higher end technology and a variety of Synthetic Experiences on my arrival back in the United Kingdom.

This began nearly immediately upon my arrival back to the United Kingdom. I turned on the TV to watch TopGear, S19E05 as it first aired in the UK in 2012. To my amazement the presenters had what they called Tommy the Cat strapped to the top of a car with a cross on it - my nickname amongst friends is Timmy the mountain Tiger for cycling up Col de l'Iseran. The car with the cat strapped to it proceeded to drive the wrong way down the motorway, outside Christchurch but this time in the United Kingdom. The whole top gear event had been staged by a mind controller to mirror what they did to me in New Zealand.

I will now list some of the torture and synthetic experience hell I endured whilst back in the United Kingdom.

  • Complete operation of the central nervous system as follows:
  • Burn your skin so that it prickles and burns by operating your blushing reflex
  • Control Olfactory System - Smell Sewage, amplify bad smells
  • Control taste - Food can taste like you're eating a rotting corpse
  • Control Hearing - e.g. Project birdsong and other sound effects remotely
  • Control people around you without their own awareness
  • Hallucinatory effects - Make people look evil, like they're possessed
  • Administer heart attacks remotely
  • Inflict paralysis of the body remotely
  • Control your mood, making you feel aggressive or lethargic
  • Pretend they're aliens, (this doesn't work because I research mind control online)
  • Disorientate you completely by pulsing some hallucinatory part of your brain, on one occasion turning day into night.
  • Resurrection - they tell me they are going to resurrect me in my bed. I wake up in the morning and I see blank black nothing in my head, like it has been destroyed.
  • Implant dreams, the worse was of a fat women. I've never dreamt of a fat women my entire life until this point, mainly I presume because I do not know any. This dream was not natural and clearly inserted, it also woke me up.
  • Pulse your brain and make it go schizo, you see a knife like it would be possible to harm someone with it, totally unnatural behaviour but luckily I am able to cling onto conscious awareness that this whole process is a mind controller attacking me. For people who are not self aware this is extremely dangerous, they could easily have people murder someone. It is important to note that throughout my adult life I have never hurt another human being, and thankfully that is still the case.
  • Pulse your brain continuously for days, sometimes making it impossible to sleep for up to 3 days at a time totally disorientating you. The computer says to you continuously humans don't need sleep.
  • Talk to your brain, it answers back to them and your thinking about something else. Like an automated lie detector your brain gives out an answer without your full concious awareness to whatever question they ask.
  • Read and transmit thoughts
  • Changed my brain from thinking and operating pictorially to using thought like speech.
  • Pricking sensation of the eye, it is apparent they are able to see through your eyes remotely.
  • Control wildlife, have birds peck on the window and snakes try to enter into the building.
  • Hallucinatory effects - i.e. move stars around, move objects around
  • Operate your genitalia, make you have involuntary erections and vice versa by operating the muscle making it go up and down completely 6 or 7 times a minute, they called it a Willy exercise using the thoughts in your head.
  • Tingling sensation underneath the scrotum, which they say is when they are having the girl I love "penetrated" by another man. This went on for months and it made me cry, I guess through all this that's their objective Why I don't know but I loved her and I find this type of torture excruciating.
  • Create clouds above you, making them appear and disappear explaining that you should look up at the sky using the thoughts in your head. I presume they did this mainly as a display of their power to own the climate.
  • Speak to me about the girl I love, and make me say "never happened" to all manner of sexual acts including rape. This is the worst torture I have endured, I hate thinking about what they say they will do to her.
  • Play sounds of a girl orgasming in my head continuously for weeks and telling me it is the girl I love with another man
  • Totalitarian mind control of guardians and friends so they think you're mentally ill, phoning up mental health staff without your awareness, not being able to perceive that mind control is a true reality.
  • Talk to me about the sexual acts of the girl I love when she is with another man, telling me they are making her orgasm with their mind control equipment.
  • Talk to me using my thoughts using a computer, also controls my nervous system controlling facial movements and simple muscle reflexes including blinking, mouth movements, muscle on my head etc.
  • Close proximity to extreme lightning strikes, one hitting the back of my bedroom wall waking me up giving me a mild electric shock cramping up my entire body.
    Lightning Strike
    Screenshot of directional lightning strike made using space based weapons at my home in Southern England.
    I began filming 2 strikes after the one that hit my bedroom wall. This screen-shot is the end frame of a directional bolt striking approx 350m from me, (1s delay). Another example of the abuse of God's Electricity on planet Earth by the military industrial complex. You will notice that there was no branching of any kind in the lightning I filmed because all this lightning was created by a positive charge leader from a satellite based weapon system that short circuits the Earth depleting the Earths Charge store, thus reducing the earths magnetic field.
  • Financial attacks - Before being administered into mental hospital in NZ I had over £400,000 in stocks and shares, by the time I was released from mental hospital in the United Kingdom I had under £30,000.
  • Melting small circular holes into my fingernails with some type of satellite based weapon system that is not effected by walls or ceilings.
  • Being restrained and having my trousers pulled down by staff on multiple occasions so they can inject all manner of unknown substances into me. The more I refuse to swallow poisonous brain tranquilizing pharmaceuticals the more they restrain me. To maintain composure and not look mentally ill during these military grade mind control attacks is extremely difficult.
  • Totalitarian mind control of mental health professional so they cannot comprehend mind control is anything other than a mental health problem that requires drugging immediatly.
  • Totalitarian mind control of members of the public so much that they will steal from you. One time I had a Neanderthal artifact in my pocket which was stolen from me by a mind controller.
  • Mind control local police force to wait outside your house on a cul-de-sac road to handcuff you without due process.

In the end you give up, as you're totally helpless in these prisons - I was locked up in the UK for about 6 weeks against my will. On release I went to Majorca to warn the girl i love about what was happening because I was scared for her safety. The mind controller told me she would be in Majorca 4 weeks prior, I spoke to her on facebook and she said I would need a raincoat. They then led me round the country for over 24 hours and i felt like an Ant being squashed. I did not sleep the entire time. I never saw her once. You are powerless, all I do is ask for my girlfriend back. I miss her and they mind controlled her. I still have not being able to contact her.

The torture decreased when I deciphered the hieroglyphs, but I've still not been able to contact the girl I love.

Currently they leave me with a brain uplink to a computer, it can also operate my nervous system automatically. I don't believe that you need to be chipped for any of this, its the God Electric Kingdom and we are all linked via the electric field. The computer has artificial intelligence, it has instances for all the people around me, predictive computing, it obviously knows everything I know - all my passwords, etc.

Isaiah 54:17 - No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and their righteousness is of me, saith the LORD.

Neanderthal Tool
White stone carved into a tool with an inscription, given to me by God - A cosmic warning to 'The Fat of the Land'.

One morning I was helping a friend build the foundations for his new home, and I had a feeling of natural excitement - a series of repeated thoughts telling me I must find a stone. This was the first stone i found, a rare Neanderthal tool about 1.4m deep in the ground. When i picked the stone up God said it is about what they do to the girl I love and shortly afterwards I had an alien feeling of eariness instilled throughout my entire body lasting only a few seconds, but it was as if aliens were also there watching. Shortly after this event i headed out to Christchurch, New Zealand to help in the aftermath of the Earthquakes.

From searching the internet I know that this particular tool is a rare artifact because of the cutting knotch. It has subsequently proved priceless in baiting lawless mind controllers. On occasions I have held the stone tool up to the satellites controlled my lawless mindcontrollers, asking for my true love to be returned, the result of my actions was to be tortured for months. But importantly this stone presents an important reminder of our own species vulnerability in this Universe.

I built this website because of my true love for her, I am not afraid of the truth. You can read my story here.