Babi is male and therefore a process or entity, he sometimes has an erection so is linked to electrostatic discharge, as electrostatic discharge causes the pinche effect defining gravity.

Collection Gravity Celestial body [Power/Electric Potential] Gravity

Compounding gravity?

Babi represented the Baboon and its special characteristic is related to Baboons noticeably high sex drives, and the phalus represents electrostatic discharge. Babi is suggesting that gravity is due to the process of Electric discharge.

Attendant of Thoth meaning Electric Potential.

Babi is often shown with a Phallus, because like Min this describes electrostatic discharge.

Picture of scales here...

Collector Negative Charge

[[(Above) On the international space station a needle is rubbed acquiring a negative charge. The needle now acts like Geb in the above illustration, labelled as the body with a negative charge it collects the water droplets released from the pipette.]]

Not all mummies have Canopic Jars with organs inside, so organs best ignored as i cant find enough photographic evidence. I think each canopic jar represents one of the 4 uses of Negative Charge stored...

Philae Temple Babi holding Paddle, as Gravity is Weak Compared to Electric Force. But does provide some 'steering'
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