Oceanus is called βαθύρροος ("deep-flowing") and ἀψόρροος ("flowing back to itself, circular")

Oceanus is not the Ocean of saline water, but an ocean of preservative plasma around the planet - at the Equator in which floated the habitable hemisphere (upper body of a muscular man with a long beard and horns (often represented as the claws of a crab) and the lower body of a serpent (cf. Typhon)).

Greeks believed the ocean to be a gigantic river encircling the world.

Oceanus is therefore likely the Ionosphere. It could be that the ionosphere has the appearance of a river because of its depleted thickness during night time on a rotating planet.

Husband of Tethys, the negative charge that nourishes the Earth.

According to Homer, Oceanus was the ocean-stream at the margin of the habitable world (οἰκουμένη, oikouménē), the father of everything.

εἶμι γὰρ ὀψομένη πολυφόρβου πείρατα γαίης,
Ὠκεανόν τε θεῶν γένεσιν καὶ μητέρα Τηθύν,
οἵ μ' ἐν σφοῖσι δόμοισιν ἐὺ τρέφον ἠδ' ἀτίταλλον
δεξάμενοι Ῥείας […]

(For I am faring to visit the limits of the all-nurturing earth, and Oceanus, from whom the gods are sprung, and mother Tethys, even them that lovingly nursed and cherished me in their halls, when they had taken me from Rhea […])

Helios rises from the deep-flowing Oceanus in the east and at the end of the day sinks back into the Oceanus in the west.