Khnum is the creation of the shield or sheath, shown by the defensive Ram horns. He is created by electric resonance, in a phenomenon described by Banebdjedet, he allows a celestial body to store surplus charge. Khnum usually sits above the positive electrode ionosphere described by Nephthys and supports the plasmasphere known as Shu.

Alternative hieroglyphs for Khnemu describing Khnum as an electric field that seeks to store surplus charge.

In the legend of Ra and Isis, Khnemu made the egg of the sun, meaning the plasma sheath or shell that insulates it from external electrical influences and Ptah gave light to it with his hieroglyphs that describe the form of connected Birkeland Currents powering the Star.

At the Temple of Karnak the Ram displays horns that curl inwardly with a defensive stature, representing the increased magnetic field and sheath that shields the planet from cosmic rays, solar outbursts or unknown bodies on a collision trajectory.

magnetic fieldram
Earth Shield and Khnum the Ram God at Karnak Temple.

Nikola Tesla, a physicist, inventor and electrical engineer is quoted as saying, "When the great truth accidentally revealed and experimentally confirmed is fully recognized, that this planet, with all its appalling immensity, is to electric currents virtually no more than a small metal ball and that by this fact many possibilities, each baffling imagination and of incalculable consequence, are rendered absolutely sure of accomplishment."

According to theory, Earth itself behaves as a resonant LC circuit when it is electrically excited at certain frequencies. An LC circuit is a circuit that has L - an Inductor, and C - a capacitor. The magnetic field of the Earth itself resonates at around 8 Hertz. The oscillating magnetic field creates an oscillating electric current in the earth via induction.

The circuit can act as an electrical resonator, an electrical analogue of a tuning fork, storing energy oscillating at the circuit's resonant frequency. In the case of the earth that frequency is known as Schumann Resonance, and is created by lightning pulses, shown in the Geomagnetic Spectrogram displayed below.

Magnetic Spectrogram Schumann Resonance
Geomagnetic Spectrogram showing Schumann Resonance of the Earth
Seshat measuring the Frog jump - Magnetic Field Strength
Seshat Measuring the Frog Jump at Luxor Temple

Resonance of a circuit involving capacitors and inductors occurs because the collapsing magnetic field of the inductor generates an electric current in its windings that charges the capacitor, and then the discharging capacitor provides an electric current that builds the magnetic field in the inductor. This process is repeated continually. An analogy is a mechanical pendulum.

Khnum - Pouring Surplus Charge

The hieroglyphs at Karnak Temple describe how lightning strikes a Pyramid allowing negative charge to be absorbed into the land. This increases the scale height of the ionosphere ( Nephthys ) and creates an ionospheric wave guide, charging the planet through resonance.

The result of this would be a strong magnetic field indicated by Seshat, she is carved into rock at Luxor Temple, marking onto a palm branch at head height the vertical displacement of a Frog jump. Frogs are diamagnetic animals, meaning they levitate in a magnetic field. The height the Frog is measured jumping corresponds to a magnetic field of the Earth far greater than the 65 microtesla measured today. The Earths magnetic field would in fact have to be an order of magnitude greater, strong enough to allow the Earth to form what is known as a circulator. A circulator is created in the laboratory by placing a magnetic field at right angles to an electrical ring.

Nectanebo Stele - Electric Ring

Currently, because the magnetic field of the Earth is weak any injected signal travels in both directions around the Earth. However, once charge is built up in the Earth a circulator is formed, a strong magnetic field means the waves travel in one direction, due East. Westward travelling waves are completely attenuated. This phenomenon explains why on the Giza Plateau the Sphinx faces due East. The Sphinx is a Lion that symbolises the magnification of waves to the East due to the creation of the ionospheric wave guide as a planetary circulator.

Straight lightning Zimbabwe Peter Lowenstein
Rare example of the Military Coupling into Gods Electricity shown by the directional lightning in Zimbabwe - Peter Lowenstein

With such a large magnetic field Earth would be singing a single note. A steady pure tone would be created and kept going by the synchronized lightning strikes from around the globe. With Earth's current weak and perhaps decreasing magnetic field what we measure with our instruments is a noisy, almost resonant, wide band signal at Earth's base resonant frequency.

The process of creating the Khnum sheath and surplus charge is described by the hieroglyphs for Banebdjed. Banebdjed is shown below holding a Djed Column with a loop that supports a sceptre, this shows us that the dielectric of the Earth - air, supports an electric field allowing it to receive power.

The hieroglyphs for Banebdjed...


When a planet is surrounded by a double layer sheath, it is protected from direct electrical interaction with any outside body. Two electrically charged planets, each surrounded by such a plasma sheath cannot see each other electrostatically. However, if a body having a different electrical charge, penetrates the double layer, moving into the plasmasphere surrounding a planet, electrical interactions (current discharges) can and will occur. Thus, if any other body such as a large meteor (or asteroid, comet, etc.) should come close enough to Earth to penetrate our plasma sheath, violent electric discharges would occur between the two bodies. This is the true meaning of Khnum as the Ram, storing surplus charge provides a planetary defence shield.

Below is a papyrus showing the activation of the Earthshield - Khnum, by propping up Shu's arms that hold the outer Van Allen Radiation Belts , using resonance of negative charge earth. This in turn arouses Nut, allowing electrical nourishment from the Birkeland currents at the poles of the Earth to deliver surplus charge.

Geb is lying down stretched between the two ends of Nut defining the magnetic poles of the earth, the hieroglyphs for Geb label him as an attribute of gravity entrapment is depositing negative charge.

Greenfield Papyrus, Earthshield - Electrical Environment of Earth with Khnum the Earth Shield Activated

Khnum has horns of a Ram that symbolize the enhanced defensive Earth shield protecting Geb. Khnum is labelled by the hieroglyphs as the plasma link for resonant negative charge electric field, connection to the sun from Nut with Gods lightning that delivers the negative charges.

Shu is supporting the palm branch on his head, as an indicator of an increased magnetic field, and support of the magnetosphere explained by Seshat.

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