Ramesses is male and describing a process or entity of the Electric Sun, his hieroglyphs show the Electrostatic Lightning from the aether that powers the Sun. In Seti I Temple Ramesses is shown delivering the terms of the galactic circuit labelled by Seti as Gods Electricity that supports life.

The Sun is the most powerful electrical entity in the Solar System, it instigates many electrical phenomena on Earth.

Ramesses IV

On the wall of Ramesses IV tomb in the Valley of the Kings, Luxor the circuit of the Electric Sun is explained. At the top two men in black are shown with their hands up representing the electric force. On the top right is the hieroglyphs describing Amentet, the 'Electrostatic Negative Charge Collection' on the heliospheric plasma current sheet. In the middle the birkeland current is shown connecting to the structured plasma of the cosmos and this connection is explained in further detail by Aker. To the top left is gravity supporting the heliospheric current sheet. The whole illustration describes how Gods negative charge is projected maintaining the function of the Electric Sun.

Ramesses IV Electric Sun
Ramesses IV Tomb at Valley of the Kings, Luxor - Electric Sun
collectorElectrostatic Negative Charge Collector Structured Plasma Birkeland Current negative chargeNegative Charge collectorCollector collectorGod Quadrupole - Current sheet Transmit / Receive collectorcollectorCollectors - Plasma Wings Conduction Projector

To the left Khepri is shown twice showing the projected current or longitudinal waves at each plasma wing.

Ramesses Electric Sun
Electric Sun - For more information see Aker

The diagram to the left shows the circuit of the Electric Sun and how it connects to the galactic circuit as presented at the Ramesses IV Tomb at the Valley of the Kings, luxor.

Negative Charge is collected on the equitorial plane shown by Amentet, negative charge flows inwardly through the quadrupole IMF or Heliospheric Current Sheet.

At the poles the Sun connects to the structured plasma or galactic circuit, this circuit is explained in further detail by Aker.

Ramesses III

The Harpers in Ramesses III tomb below show great collected absorption frequency used to create heat from a store of negative charge which is the earth. Both Harpers are standing on the resonant platform playing a note and listening to the resonant sound. The two Harpers are blind, showing that they're extremely sensitive to the frequencies they're playing. The hieroglyphs describe heat being generated by great collected absorption wave of negative charge store. The heat is created. In a similar principle to Ground Penetrating Tomography, Earth Tomography can trigger earthquakes

Harpers of Ramesses III

Photospheric Granules are anode tufts plasma in arc mode... (described by lightning hieroglyph in ramesses name) tufts fill up representing the sun as a pot (25 40smin)...