The ancients believed the Wedjat is Touch, Taste, Hearing, Thought, Sight, Smell and is the receptor of input. It contains these six senses to receive data and is the impulse in an electrical circuit that joins us to the cosmos through the weak electric fields of the brain that act like a transceiver.

Our brain waves can be transmitted by weak electric fields, and the Wedjat is used to show us how our brain and its senses are interconnected to the wider cosmos. The hieroglyphs which are sacred carvings from God, describe the electrical circuits conjoining us to the heavens and how that circuit influences the stars. The Wedjat is drawn in the lower left corner supported by positive charge or basket and it shows how our spiritual energy is entered into the cosmos.

Spiritual Connection to the cosmos from the Cassell's Illustrated Family Bible

It is known that all animals have a connection to this planet in the form of a frequency and you have had it your whole life. It's invisible to the human eye but has been measured in science for more than 60 years. If effects your physical health, your emotions, your ability to fight off disease and your sense of well-being. It's something you share with every human being on the planet but is unique to you. Sometimes this frequency is known as Schumann Resonance. Every life form on the planet including plants emit a longitudinal electric wave, the modulated information is created because DNA is wound into a double helix that can propagate this wave. It is like an electrical code or your spirit you pass continuously into the cosmos as you live your life.

Themis spacecraft recently confirmed giant birkeland currents that connect Earth's upper atmosphere to the Sun. The twisted magnetic fields are simply the signature of the electric current flow. In plasma cosmology, these entwined plasma filaments act as transmission lines carrying field-aligned currents across interplanetary and interstellar space. Your bodies senses encoded by your DNA are continuously transmitting information at a mean of 20Hz, explained by the Gayer Anderson cat. The Wedjat, or 6 senses are carried from the poles of the earth along plasma filaments out into space.

Dendera Ceiling - Wedjat
Dendera Ceiling - Wedjat or 6 Senses maintaining the cosmic order (Voltage to the stars)
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