Introduction to Electric Egyptology

2014 Presentation revealing the true understanding of Egyptology. Some minor revisions have been made as this video was created in the direct aftermath of the Christchurch Man Made Earthquakes, whilst being tortured by lawless mind controllers. It reveals for the first time the hieroglyphs for Gods cosmic electricity - Postive and Negative Charge.

Egyptology and the Electric Universe

Presentation explaining for the first time the hieroglyphs for positive and negative charge and how they explain an Electric Universe. Hieroglyphs are logograms that use special characteristics of the animals and plants to explain functions and natural principles of the Universe.

Electric Sun

Electric Sun Part 1 - Ra, Horus, Hathor, Aker, Hapi

Pyramids are Electric Discharge Structures

Coming Soon: Powerpoint presentation explaining how a Pyramid functions in a Cosmos with Gods Electricity...

Wal Thornhill: Stars in an Electric Universe

Important background information by the Wallace Thornhill explaing the Stars in an Electric Universe. For further information please visit the Thunderbolts Channel. You can buy the full lecture DVD at the following link.

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Safire Project