Beta Wave Negative Charge Attribute of Life

Bastet is female and therefore part of the circuitry of the cosmos... She often holds the Sistrum detecting electric field conditions.


To confirm Bastet you need to find out about the Sistrum, which is an electrical device used for detecting electric field conditions and not a musical instrument. One sistrum read Gods electric induction supporting life...

Hieroglyph W1 - Oil Jar.. Her name was associated with the lavish jars in which Egyptians stored their ointment used as perfume according to wiki

Bastet describes how God supports your spirit, Bastet being the store of electrical impulses from your organs as you live your life.

Gayer Anderson Cat has its name attached to its collar and is the Wedjat meaning senses inside a square, the true name of the Cat meaning the 'Resonance of the Senses'. A cat purrs between 16 and 28 Hz which is the frequency of Beta Brain waves, a frequency range used by the senses to communicate information. Kheprer, the Scarab beetle is also shown below the collar defining this as a longitudinal electric wave carrier. Bastet defines the transmission of our senses including thought across the electric circuit of the Universe as a longitudinal spectrum. There are no isolated islands in space.

Cat - [Nikola Tesla would love this] LINK

Nikola Tesla Report - The lab had a two hundred foot copper antenna sticking up out of it, looking something like a HAM radio enthusiast's antenna. He moved in and started work. And strange electrical things happened near that lab. People would walk near the lab, and sparks would jump up from the ground to their feet, through the soles of their shoes. One boy took a screwdriver, held it near a fire hydrant, and drew a four inch electrical spark from the hydrant. Sometimes the grass around his lab would glow with an eerie blue corona, St. Elmo's Fire. What they didn't know was this was small stuff. The man in the lab was merely tuning up his apparatus. He was getting ready to run it wide open in an experiment that ranks as among the greatest, and most spectacular, of all time. One side effect of his experiment was the setting of the record for man-made lightning: some 42 meters in length (130 feet).

This video proves Tesla, the radiator is the earth and resevoir, watch the sparks fly from the earth - its the secret to Bastet... A local electric field of approximately 100 kV/m is required to induce a discharge in air.

Cat Fur - Static Charge - St Elmos Fire

- Hieroglyphs Defining the Cat...

Cat - Electric Field Collector Supported Charge Store

Naming the Cat...

Bastet Gayer Anderson Wedjat Brain Waves Bastet
Gayer Anderson Cat - Bastet - Beta Brain Wave

Canopic Jars are used to store entrails when embalming a mummy, a metaphor for the store of the electrical impulses of your organs. Anubis is the only one who would carry out the embalming process, because Anubis is sensitive to the electric field. The organs in your body emit electric fields as you live your life, so the canopic jar is describing a store of these electrical impulses somewhere in the Universe.

Your body and its flesh is merely formed from the earth, but the electricity that gives it life, has a connection to the Universe, and this connection is described below.

Your Spiritual Connection to the Cosmos. Taken from Cassell, Petter and Galpin Illustrated Bible

The universe can only be structured on love, else chaos would simply overrule and the Universe would not be visible in its current form. Gold and resources are worthless to the Gods, they control the stars so the real wealth of the Universe is in the beauty of life itself, this forms the basis of the hieroglyphs, and is explained by the true meaning of the Ankh.