Nefertari Tomb

Nefertari Tomb is an expanse of information about the universe. On the corridor walls Maat, Nephthys, Isis, Hathor, Serket and Nefertari describe how the stars are anodes, powered by Gods Electricity, the nourishment of negative charge sourced from the Aether..

The images below are on opposing corridor walls. One wall shows Nefertari with Amun headress and galactic arm offering with both Isis (structured plasma) and Nephthys (capacitor action) together. On the other corridor wall Hathor and Serket are seated together with no galactic arm offering or Amun headress...

Nefertari Tomb - Electric Sun - Maat Nephthys Isis
Nefertari Tomb Corridor - Electric Sun - Maat, Nephthys, Isis (with Cobra) and Nefertari
Nefertari Tomb - Electric Sun - Maat Serket Hathor
Nefertari Tomb Corridor - Electric Sun - Maat, Serket, Hathor (with Vulture) and Nefertari

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Djed Column is shown to the left, representing the dielectric vacuum of space providing the regenerative power. Maat has inward wing focusing collected charge to the outer Shen Ring named as scavenging negative charge by the cartouche. Hathor is the Heliosphere or Electric Field Enclosure and the pots or charge stores are being placed onto their positive anode positions defining the anodic Electric Sun.

Bipolar Nebula M2-9
Bipolar Nebula M2-9

Column numbering is from right to left [[Translation to be refined later]]

Column 1:

Producing Plasma Pinch operation and electricity supporting life Electric Field celestial body Projected and watched. Attribute of structured plasma of the intergalactic power line is a frequency, many negative charges home [pig head]. Electrostatic Negative charge is collected via a quadrupole on land. Received power from Sun or anode from dielectric vacuum to support life [Taweret]. Monitor and record electrostatic gravity wave of the anode sun, sun attracts negative charge to charge store, sun connection gives light, sun is supported charge store.

Column 2:

Watching attribute of the structured plasma, scavenge for negative charge, projecting negative charge to collector as electricity supporting life, wave negatively charged confined plasma.

Column 3:

Sew Negative charge from birkeland current and store. Glow discharge in the Aether is stars negative charge to core.

Column 4:

Aether split positive and negative charges, electric field projects negative charge to anode sun

Column 5:

Great absorption pyramid wave/frequencies, supply negative charge operation, operation of the sun, transmission of negative charge via plasma link using resonance.

Column 6:

Great absorption pyramid wave/frequencies negative charge projected wave/frequency of the sun as supported charge store.

Column 7:

Strong Electric Field Enclosure/Heliosphere is beauty of negative charge, negative charge collected and received to the core positive anode (sun)

Column 8:

Negative charge via plasma link using resonance to store negative charge. Many Gods supported by anode sun and many electric fields.

Column 9:

Hathor is shown on the resonance platform holding the sceptre, showing that the heliosphere receives energy from Maat- focused by the plasma wing.

Column 10:

Great absorption pyramid wave attribute is the suns connection to the cosmos, collect negative charge as supported charge store and condense. Attribute of Sun monitored resonance of negative charge collected from interstellar space/small aether to absorb negative charge into the land.

Column 11:

Column 14-18:

Maat is shown supporting a feather on her head, as she collects charge from the cosmos and focuses it with her plasma wing toward the Shenring, named by the Cartouche as 'scavenging' negative charge.

Great Absorption of the plasma wing frequency produces plasma pinch operation.
Attribute of maat as a key to support life is the sun entrapment of negative charge.
Birkeland current to negative charge land planetary store.

Column 19:

Aether Nefertari Tomb

The text explains that the Aether in deep space is made of a split of positive and negative charges. Here an electric field exists with the projection of negative charge being 'scavenged', powering celestial bodies in the Universe.

Chamber K - North Wall

Nefertari North Side Chamber K - Anubis Amentet Osiris
North Side of Chamber K - Anubis, Amentet / Hathor and Osiris

Anubis shows how resonant frequency collects or absorbs charge which is passed on to Amentet. Amentet is labelled as Hathor, or the electric field enclosure by the Peregrine Falcon inside an enclosure. Inside the electric field enclosure there is the electrostatic collection of negative charge, shown by the hieroglyphs she supports on her head. Amentet then passes this electricity onto Osiris, the inner galactic collector for guiding and sustaining charge in the Electric Universe. Osiris is called an attribute of God is great survey or monitoring of the cosmos.

See below for a virtual reality walk around of Nefertari Tomb. As you walk in through the entrance the tomb is titled "Conduction to the Dipole Magnetic Field of the Sun" - with Isis and Nephthys shown either side and an explanation of the electric field projecting negative charge powering the star:

The tomb of Nefertari: 3d-reconstruction by scionik on Sketchfab

Virtual Nefertari Tomb