Negative Charge Maat or Collector

Maat does not mean truth or judgement, instead the feather on her head describes her as the Collector. Her hieroglyphs explain that she is the collector of negative charge that produces plasma pinch operation underpinning a star.


Maat is shown below with her wings spread out in Nefertari's Tomb. The hieroglyphs above her explain her true function in an electric cosmos, read from the center outwards Maat describes how stars are regulated with the nourishment that is negative charge provided by the plasma link as the circuity of the cosmos.

Plasma Link - Plasma Connection Circuit
Maat Nefertari Tomb
Maat - Nefertari Tomb

To the left: Entrapment from the aether where there is a split of positive and negative charge, the electric field of the aether projects negative charge, 'scavenging' of negative charge is electricity supporting life collected, projecting many negative charges to sew in as negative charge wave is the great collection. - Maat

To the right: Collections from the plasma wing/Many Collections opereate the faraday action of celestial body, Star entraps negative charge, attribute of Maat is collection supporting life, producing a plasma pinch operation absorbing the great collection wave. - Maat

In Nefertaris Tomb Maat is shown regulating the stars, providing cosmic order, she is kneeling down and her wings are fanned in towards the outer Shen Ring. The Shen Ring defines the supply of negative charge to the Sun. Maat is female as she is part of the circuitry of the cosmos that nourishes planets and stars with electricity. The vulture in the Shen Ring Cartouche is similar to Mut, it describes how the negative charge is 'scavenged' and projected toward the star.

Entrap Negative Charge
Maat - Goddess Regulating Stars
Maat - Nefertari Tomb

Maats wing can be thought of as representing the collection of negative charge, such as the stellar pinch in Butterfly Nebula M2-9 shown below that focus current toward the Sun shown by Amentet.

Khepri shows the central Z pinch current column, defining the conduction of electricity that powers the stars.

Bipolar Nebula M2-9
Bipolar Nebula M2-9
Collector Positive Charge - Anode Star Negative Charge Collection Many