Electric Egyptology

The hieroglyphs are not phonetic sounds, and thus were never deciphered by Thomas Young or Jean-François Champollion.

In 2013 I made a breakthrough successfully deciphering Electricity and Magnetism along with other principle components of the Universe as the foundation of the sacred Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs.

I did this in the aftermath of the Christchurch Earthquakes, when Gods Electricity was coupled into, and used to kill and maim the innocent people for greed. My true story you can read here.

In doing so, I became the first human to put positive and negative charge into ancient sacred scripture, discovering that only one simple rule is needed to unlock the entire hieroglyphic code ...

The unique characteristic of the animal, plant or object shown as the hieroglyph presents a function or natural principle of the Universe beyond. - GodElectric.org

Unlocking the sacred hieroglyphic code like this has revealed many hidden truths about the Pyramids, along with the true nature of negative charge as the female nourishment to an Electric Cosmos. It is conclusive proof that we are not alone in the Universe, and that higher order Supreme Beings have supported life here on Earth through electric discharge.

Egyptian hieroglyphs are sacred logograms. Special characteristics of the animals and plants on Earth are used to explain functions and natural principles of the Universe. The deities are NOT Gods, and are never described as such on this website. Truthfully they are anthropomorphic representations that explain the truth of Electricity in the Cosmos. The females (Amentet, Isis, Nut, Maat, Hathor, Mut, Nephthys, Meskhenet, Sekhmet, Seshat) explain the circuitry and electric nourishment of the Universe, while the males (Horus, Ra, Shu, Thoth, Anubis, Bes, Khepri, Khnum, Atum, Aten, Osiris, Aker, Hu, Ramesses, Sobek, Min) are predominantly the processes. Hapi is an exception, being male but with female breasts he is a process that provides the electric nourishment of the cosmos, known as the Birkeland Current.

The hieroglyphs explain how Gods Electricity flows through the cosmos supporting life, powering Galaxies, Stars and Planets. Mainstream science largely ignores electricity and uses gravity to explain the processes of the Universe, this leads to the creation of mathematical assumptions such as dark matter, dark energy and black holes. The Egyptian hieroglyphs explain that this is not true, because the Universe and the Stars are electric, powered by Gods Electricity, sourced from the Aether.

GodElectric began deciphering the hieroglyphs by placing the Winged Sun next to a typical visible hour glass nebula representing an anode star. Hieroglyphs that previously meant 'God' and 'Bread' now mean 'Positive charge' and 'Negative charge' respectively, giving a completely true understanding to Egyptology and the Universe, opening a new chapter for all of mankind.

Butterfly Nebula M2-9 alongside the Winged Sun
An example of a Binary Star : Butterfly Nebula M2-9 alongside the Winged Sun.

The symbol has also been found in the records of ancient cultures residing in various regions of South America as well as Australia. The Sun’s plasma environment is shaped by powerful electromagnetic forces within a spiral arm of the Milky Way. The Suns plasma wing aligns within the galactic arms magnetic field carrying current along Nut, and as a collector of electrical energy from the arm it powers our Sun. It acts like a wing but rather than air it focuses electrical current described by Amentet to the anodic positively charged Sun.

Stars are not isolated thermonuclear reactions in space, instead Ralph Juergens explained that Stars are positive anodes in a galactic glow discharge. Stars are connected, they absorb energy from the Electric Universe, and this is explained in detail by the Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs. The cobra or snake, with its ectotherm nature was used to encircle the Sun as the corona, seen as Ra it describes the reverse temperature gradient of Electric stars and absorption of Energy from the surrounding cosmos.

Ra-Horakhty papyrus explains how stars are powered by the collection of negative charge or what we understand as electrons. It depicts the negative electrode attracting positive ions in the partially ionized plasma of a candle flame.

Ra-Horakhty Papyrus Explained
Ra-Horakhty Papyrus

I will start by introducing you to the truth, what the hieroglyphs explain as a Universe powered with Gods Electricity built on true love:

Khepri Longitudinal Electricity
Khepri Pendant

Previously defined as God or basket, this hieroglyph actually means 'positive charge'. The pendant to the right demonstrates how the Sun is connected electrically. Kheprer the Scarab Beetle is shown supported by the 'many positive charges', or positive anodes meaning the stars. He is connected to the plasma wing, showing that the plasma wing conducts electricity towards the Sun, explained by the hieroglyphs as the 'Suns collector of projected conduction'.

Sun Cartouche

Previously defined as meaning Bread, it is the opposite side of the circle to positive charge, thus logically it means 'negative charge'. This is confirmed because Stars are positively charged anodes, they collect negative charge as opposite charges attract. This is explained in many ancient texts, such as the Sun Cartouche shown to the left or Horus and Amentet, where the hieroglyphs describe the sun as a negative charge collector. Another example of ancient text confirming negative charge is Tefnut, similar principle to Svensmark theory it explains how negative charge is used for the creation of moisture in an Electric Universe.

Nephthys shows both hieroglyphs for positive and negative charge separated by an enclosure, defining the capacitor action of celestial bodies in the Electric Universe which Set acts through. Anubis, previously known as the son of Nephthys, actually exists as the electric field in the space between the positive and negative electrodes. The papyrus Book of the Suns Electric Field which was previously known as 'Book of the Dead' or 'Book of Coming Forth by Day', uses Anubis as the resonant wave of the Suns electric field to explain the Suns Electric Potential, defined by the scales using Thoth. It is also true that the organs in your body absorb energy at the resonant wave of the electric field, which is why Anubis is the only one who would carry out the embalming process. Shu is the plasmasphere, described by the hieroglyphs as the electric field that collects plasma, and is shown atop of Nephthys as the positive charge electrode ionosphere.

What Egyptologists call Kyphi, is actually the fuel of the Stars and is the 'burning' of negative charge as the true decipherment of the hieroglyphs show at GodElectric.org

The principle that underlies all of Egyptology is that the Universe and its circuitry is presented as female, while the processes that protect it are predominantly male. The relationship between the two partners, male and female, explain the current cosmology as underpinned by true love.

The cross means life and the loop is the support. Whatever is shown inside or through the loop the hieroglyphs explain as an aspect of the Universe supporting life. The Ankh is expressed throughout Egyptology, explaining the purpose to protect and support all life on Earth.

41,000 years ago, the Earth's magnetic field faded and practically disappeared, leaving our planet unprotected from the bombardment of cosmic rays. Evidence for this event has been found in ocean sediment cores and lava flows, known as the Laschamp event the strength of the magnetic field dropped to only 5% of the current strength. The hieroglyphs demonstrate using temples across Egypt that we should charge our planet to create a protective shield using Gods Electricity that powers the stars, see lintel from Karnak below.

Lintel Sesostris
Lintel from Karnak showing the Electrical Environment of the Earth and the Supply of Gods Electricity.

Proof that the hieroglyphs are not phonetic can be seen in Temples, such as the Lintel from Karnak above where ancient text is written from the centre outwards, and because they are logograms it is legible whether read forward or backwards.

The hieroglyphs describe how Gods electricity powers celestial bodies including the Sun. It explains how this electricity is organised and shared amongst the cosmos, along the galactic circuit, and how this Universe is founded on love through life, never greed. Once you understand the hieroglyphs as logograms you will know that in an Electric Universe, Gold, Silver and physical resources are all totally worthless to God. Real wealth is in the beauty of love itself.

The Sun Earth relationship is demonstrated by Sekhmet and Ptah. It is important that people remain open minded when understanding this relationship, because in the 20th century the military industrial complex have coupled into the van Allen belts surrounding the planet allowing them to direct natural weather and earth events through control of Gods Electricity. If they had obeyed the wisdom of the hieroglyphs and the Bible they would have seeked to create Khnum in the interest of all life on the planet. Instead they have chosen to direct energy for natural disasters supporting their debt-based monetary system, depleting the Earths charge store and magnetic field. This behaviour is complete stupidity due to greed, because they value the digits on their computer screen above the intrinsic real wealth of our planet - its love. The Universe has invested so much love into our planet, this can be seen through the pyramids, temples and electric discharge formations across the entire globe ensuring that life not only exists here but has flourished. This was never done so a greedy few could rule over and destroy it in a few short centuries.

Pyramids of OrionDiamagnetism Frog
Alignment of the Giza Plateau to the Orion Constellation & Diamagnetic Frog Jump, Luxor indicating the Charging of Planet Earth.

You are welcome to use the information deciphered freely at GodElectric, the only requirement is that you reference any ideas or material used. It is important because God gave me the truth in the aftermath of what happened in Christchurch, and we need to get the message out about what happened there. Thank you. The true story behind the decipherment is here.

Summary Page Available at Hieroglyphs.info