Montu is the electric field seeking wave separation otherwise meaning a pulsed wave. Montu also has hieroglyphs descrbing an 'attribute of seperation of solar ejection waves / cosmic rays' - again meaning the pulsar or pulsating star. Often associated with Ra.

MontuM1 Pulsar
Montu at Medamud (Left) & M1 Pulsar (Right)

Montu is what we understand as the 'Pulsar' or pulsating star, but not in the conventional sense as there is no hieroglyph that describes the existance of the neutron. Pulsar oscillations are due to resonant effects in their electric circuits. The release of electrical energy from a “double layer” is responsible for the occasional outburst of X-rays or gamma rays. Those outbursts emit sudden peaks of energy and then decline, like lightning bolts.

Montu is Falcon headed man and therefore a process of the electric field, he also receives power as he is shown holding the sceptre.

Certain types of pulsars rival atomic clocks in their accuracy in keeping time. Interestingly see Senusret as defining time with Montu shown in the lower right corner towards the galactic core where there is now growing support for millisecond pulsars....