Neper is male, and therefore a process with hieroglyphs that describe the gaining negative through wave resonance. He has similar hieroglyphs to Anubis.

Pictured in human form, Neper is often depicted as a child nourished by Renenutet. The hieroglyphs explain how Renenutet supplies negative charge to Neper, Neper has a body dotted to represent grains of corn, grains of corn are also shown held in magnetic fields, like the dipole field of the Sun in deir el medina [etc].

Nikola Tesla said - "If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration." - Tesla made no mention of the particle and the same paradigm is true of the hieroglyphs. The particle is another wrong turn that has led physics to a dead end. The secret is that what we understand as the atom, is in fact a standing wave where the nucleus is a nodal point on that wave.

Neper is the grain of the cosmos, his hieroglyphs describe him as the 'resonant wave projector collecting charge'. The grain of the cosmos is produced from the wheat plant or Aether.

His hieroglyphs are describing the standing wave as the grain or energy of the cosmos, there is no need for the particle in any form - everything in the Universe is described using waves. The Grain is grown by the Wheat plant deciphered as the Aether.

The video below shows how waves form structure and is an example of how a standing wave can be used to represent the Bohr atomic model and the structure of an atom.

So your first question might be, what about the Geiger-Marsden experiment - here they fired alpha 'particles' at a Gold leaf and some 'particles' are deflected while others are not. The answer is the 'particles' in the experiment are not 'particles' at all, they are in fact standing waves of structure and what is causing the deflection of these 'particles' is actually the nodal point on the standing wave that is the Gold leaf....

Blazelabs have done work in this field [Quote]:

"We have shown that the atom can be perfectly modeled by a standing wave pattern much in common with that of a radio antenna. The problem to visualise matter as being composed of a volume of electromagnetic waves is the fact that matter has got a structure, whilst an EM wave does not. It is true that EM waves have no structure, and are continously vibrating, but EM waves can be 'trapped' within a volume of space, given their dimensions are exact multiples of Planck's half wavelength, forming what is commonly called a standing wave. The nodes within the standing wave form the structure. All objects have a frequency or set of frequencies with which they naturally vibrate when struck, plucked, or somehow given an impulse, these are called the natural frequencies. Each of the natural frequencies at which an object vibrates is associated with a standing wave pattern. When an object is forced into resonance vibrations at one of its natural frequencies, it vibrates in a manner such that a standing wave is formed within the whole object. A standing wave pattern is described as a vibrational pattern created within a medium when the vibrational frequency of a source causes reflected waves from one end of the medium to interfere with incident waves from the source in such a manner that specific points along the medium appear to be standing still. Such patterns are only created within the medium at specific frequencies of vibration; these frequencies are known as harmonic frequencies, with the first harmonic referred to as the fundamental. In our context, this fundamental harmonic is highly related to Planck's length. At any frequency other than a harmonic frequency, the interference of reflected and incident waves results in a resulting disturbance of the medium which is irregular and non-repeating. Our medium is the vacuum through which EM radiation is well known to be able to propagate and vibrate."

Light is not a particle, it is a resonant wave, the peaks and troughs in Youngs Double Slit experiment prove this.

The same experiment holds true for much larger 'particles', even up to the size of Carbon 60, because all these so called 'particles' at the atomic level are infact standing waves of structure.

Neper body was dotted to represent grains of corn. The Grain represents the projected resonant wave and is shown by the hieroglyphs as held in magnetic fields...

Often depicted as a child suckled by Renenutet

Hieroglyphs read collection of resonant wave projection. and was identified as the source of the nourishment.

An aspect of Osiris

Neper Grain Sennedjem Tomb
Neper as Grain - Tomb of Sennedjem, Deir el-Medina

Mechanical action of light...

Crookes Light Mill
Crookes Light Mill

Thermal creep is not the reason for the rotation as the forces developed by temperature differences on the metal plates are insufficient to drive the motor and also cold lazer light can also be used. Paschen's law describes the type of vacuum neccesary to allow electrostatic effects.

Tesla followed up on these discoveries of Crookes and found that electrostatic charges could also be conveyed by Radiant Matter: “Radiant Energy”. The hieroglyphs describe light is a wave that can contain charge.