Ἀποκάλυψις is the Greek term for Apocalypse which means an 'unveiling of hidden knowledge'.

The true decipherment of the hieroglyphs was achieved in the aftermath of the Christchurch Manmade Earthquakes, having been tortured from my true love by mind control technologies for many years. As a Christian I will not lie to anyone to the best of my ability, this website was a gift to my true love and contains the truth of the cosmos explained using the hieroglyphs. I am not interested in writing books or profiteering infront of God and the cosmos from my discovery. I believe the knowledge contained in the hieroglyphs was given to all the Earth as a message of truth and love. It should therefore be available for all, to freely enjoy and understand, not just a select few. I also do not agree with all the BS profiteering and copyright law regarding Egyptology, as these artifacts, pictures and drawings are not of the earthbound origin that is claimed, its real owners are from the cosmos. Currently, you will only find the truth presented here at GodElectric, a website created by the intial discoverer with the intent of free dissemination of the truth.

The true decipherment of the Hieroglyphs unveils the hidden knowledge of the cosmos. It links electricity, magnetism, gravity, plasma and other principle concepts of the Universe, showing how the universe is founded on true love.

The hieroglyphs explain that it is Gods Electricity which is the underpinning and nourishment to the Galaxy, Stars and Planets.

The Universe and its circuitry is presented as female, while the processes that protect it are predominantly male, the relationship between the two partners, male and female explains the current cosmology as underpinned by love.

It is true that the leadership of this planet is blinded by GREED, GREED, GREED.

Neanderthal Tool
God gave me this small precious stone, with a white hand hold and an inscription - A cosmic message to 'The Fat of the Land'.

Revelation 2:17 ... and will give him a white stone, and in the stone a new name written, which no man knoweth saving he that receiveth it. 

God is the spirit of love and controls the electricity in the Universe. It is believed that the Neanderthal was destroyed by successive volancoes erupting together in the northern hemisphere. We should all remind ourselves occasionally and humble ourselves that we are not invinceable as human beings...

This entire website is actually a gift to my true love, its reason, its existence and its love is purely for the truth of what one girl in my life whom i have always loved and will love forever meant to me. She was taken from me by people working for Satan in the mind control sector on this Earth. They disobeyed the law of love on this Earth. When the Supreme Beings mind controlled me to pick this stone up from deep in the ground it was as if they were me - every thought and every action was my own but in reality it was through them. It felt natural to have a repeated thought to pick up the stone, but afterwards when i thought about it i knew it was unnatural. No one in the military industrial complex on this earth possess that sort of mind control capability yet, they have shown me their technology through torturing me for years. The technology required to target a small artifact deep in the ground revealed after successive thoughts telling me it would be there is completly off world, I was also not on their radar at this time in my life. The Supreme Beings then said this is about what they do to the girl I love. It was another powerfull God moment in my life. God is the spirit of love in the universe. Shortly after this i flew out to New Zealand, Christchurch and confronted the workers of iniquity on this earth but they continued to disobey the law of love trying to murder me in a car and threaten to rape her again. It was in that time I found out about the truth of mind control and what people on this Earth did to the law of love earlier in my life.

I love my true love and I want her back.