Plutarch is correct, Hermes is Anubis - (resonant oscillation electric field collecting charge)

the son of Zeus and the Pleiad Maia

The facts are that they do not call the dog by the name Hermes as his proper name, but they bring into association with the most astute of their gods that animal's watchfulness and wakefulness and wisdom, since he distinguishes between what is friendly and what is hostile by his knowledge of the one and his ignorance of the other, as Plato remarks. - Plutarch from Moralia - Isis and Osiris

they record that in the so called books of Hermes it is written in regard to the sacred names that they call the power which is assigned to direct the revolution of the Sun Horus, but the Greeks call it Apollo; and the power assigned to the wind some call Osiris and others Serapis; and Sothis in Egyptian signifies "pregnancy" (cyesis) or "to be pregnant" (cyein): therefore in Greek, with a change of accent, the star is called the Dog-star (Cyon), which they regard as the special star of Isis. - Plutarch from Moralia - Isis and Osiris

Hermes known as "transgression of boundaries" - resonance and 'wireless' electricity...

Hermes known as "conductor of souls into the afterlife" - again resonance and 'wireless' electricity of the spirit as you live life...

Hermes known as trickster - again resonance and use of 'wireless' electricity.

[Considered equivalent of Roman deity Mercury]

Resonance occurs inside a boundary as that is how charge is absorbed into double layer - ἕρμα herma, Kriophoros Hermes supports double layer, shown by carrying and holding up the lamb...