Aphrodite is often associated with the Egyptian God Hathor and the Strong Electric Field Enclosures.

Aphrodite, altered after aphrós (ἀφρός) meaning "foam". A foam is a collection of bubbles. Connecting -δίτη (-dítē) with the verb δέατο (déato, “to shine, to appear, seem”).

The heliosphere around a Star is a bubble that is perceived to shine. Similarly the ionosphere around Earth is also a bubble and can be seen from ISS.

Space is like a foam with bubbles around celestial objects, separated by great distances.

[[She who shines from the foam [ocean], is meaning a Stars heliosphere rather than a celestial body like the Earth]]

Plutarch - Empedocles calls Aphrodite Life-giving.. Parmenides declares Love to be the oldest of the creations of Aphrodite - 'Of all the gods first Love she did contrive.'. But Hesiod, more naturally in my opinion, makes Love the most ancient of all, so that all things derive their existence from him. If we then deprive Love of his ancient honours, those of Aphrodite will be lost also. For we cannot argue that, while some revile Love, all spare Aphrodite, for on the same stage we hear of Love.