The Prodigy

This is a secret hidden page about The Prodigy as an example of how music from the heart interfaces with God as the spirit of love in an Electric Universe...

Psa 150:5-6 - Praise him upon the loud cymbals: praise him upon the high sounding cymbals. Let every thing that hath breath praise the LORD. Praise ye the LORD.

You will need an open mind, some background in mind control and the Electric Universe if you wish to understand this article in how I believe the Prodigy music is from the heart. Please watch this video first...

The Prodigy music is made from the heart, and is never about greed. It delivers a unique, true sound with energy and venom.

This page is about the chronology of The Prodigy lyrics and artwork, as an example of how music made from the heart resonates with the Universe that surrounds our planet and the 'Cosmic Boss'.

- First ask yourself... Do you really think intelligent life in this Universe would wait for the Seti Program so they can send some dumb signal to planet Earth? No, of course it wouldnt. Intelligent life had already covered the planet with hieroglyphs about electricity in the universe. Intelligent life uses technology we cannot comprehend to interface with us through our own electric hearts and minds, and an example of how this is done can be seen through the music of The Prodigy. If you are interested in this type of technology and how it can exist, it is largely censored but if you still wish to have an idea start by researching Remote Neural Monitoring and Mind Control using the internet.

The Prodigy music was developed in the context of the 20th century, when the 'Fat of the Land' (or 'elites') and their Oil Empire (expressed by track Diesel Power), coupled the worlds most powerful super-weapons to the cosmic power grid that powers the Galaxy, Stars and Planets, known as Gods Electricity.

It is true that as per the artwork and lyrics, 'The Fat of the Land' used Radar type technology (commonly termed as HAARP) to couple into the power of Gods Electricity to direct natural disaster 'invasions' here on Earth. These events are prophesized and warned about in the music and artwork of The Prodigy, providing an almost spiritual awakening to real cosmic truth that is apparent when viewed from an almost off world context.

As a group The Prodigy are unaware of 'HAARP' type weaponry being used on innocent people when they write their music, yet there is a clear and indeniable correlation to this deeper truth in their music. This becomes especially apparent in albums like Invaders Must Die as music from the heart (see below).

Through the chronology of all their albums together, the Prodigy deliver an underlying and repeated message to the core of our civilization.

"If you continue to choose greed over love on Gods Earth, it will end in a Solar event."

Experience Album [1992]

Music for the Jilted Generation Album [1994]

The Fat of the Land Album [1997]

Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned Album [2004]

Invaders Must Die Album [2009]

The album artwork and music is an Omen from the heart courtesy of the Cosmic Boss. It shows antennae projecting energy to cause natural disasters by coupling into the power of Gods Electricity, destroying cities like Christchurch, New Zealand. The album is an Omen that prophesies nearly two years to the exact day, the planned invasion that murdered the innocent people of Christchurch for greed.

Invaders Must Die - The ProdigyChristchurch Earthquake
The Prodigy 23-02-2009 album cover (Invaders 'HAARP' a City) & 22-02-2011 Christchurch, New Zealand (Man Made Earthquake)

The artwork and the music on this album refers to 'Invaders' as those using radars like HAARP or SuperDARN, otherwise known as the 'Fat of the Land', to terrorize and kill the innocent people, destroying cities like Christchurch, New Zealand for greed.

The first video Invaders Must Die shows Noel Clarke marking the Radars and the Power Grid that supplies the electricity to the Radar for destruction with The Prodigy Ant. There is also reference to dead fish caused by the transmission of these HAARP type Radar. Watch it here.

The lyrics are "Invaders must die", "We are The Prodigy" - a clear message - "We aint afraid of ya, I tell you no lie, invaders gonna die".

[The criminal military cartels on this planet are the invaders that just run an automation.]

The album artwork references HAARP and SuperDARN, a series of Antennas and Radars creating electrical man made earthquakes to destroy cities like Christchurch, New Zealand and others - the lyrics to Thunder explicitly describing these events.

"I hear thunder, but there's no rain, this type of thunder, breaks wall and window pane". - Describing a man made Earthquake into solid rock, Scientists have recently discovered an Earthquake is underground lightning or electric discharge - hence the name, Thunder. At the beginning of the track you will hear the weapon charging exactly as the HAARP weapon can operate in the days leading up to an attack, then in the music at 36s you hear a man shouting "HAARP, HAARP, THUNDER, HAARP HAARP, INSIDE". This is music from the heart.

(The video below has a similar sound to what was created around Lyttleton Harbour during the Christchurch aftershocks)

Omen - Meaning a phenomenon believed to foretell the future, the writing on the wall is referring to the Book of Daniel, and the ancient text only Daniel could decipher shortly before Babylons destruction... "You Just run an automation, the writings on the wall, it wont go away...its an Omen" - Exactly 2 years later to the nearest day, in 2011 Christchurch, New Zealand is targeted with the Earthquake weapon using Gods Electricity- Its an Omen - Invaders to the Planet must die... The logo of an upside down cross is shown throughout this video, at 59s as a tattoo, again at 1min 11s, 2min 15s, a 5 pointed star on the drum at 2min 17s. The upside down cross is not a anti christian symbol as Peter was crucified upside down, instead it is a symbol of anti-authoritarianism and defiance. At the end of the video the fat man, known by previous albums as the fat of the land or elites go to grab the Glockenspiel (Bell/Resonance Play) from the little girl but is destroyed by her dark side 2 min 57s. The Omen foretells anti-authoritarianism and defiance to the people who destroyed Christchurch 2 years later with their Earthquake weapons.

Warriors Dance - The video shows the Prodigy Ant inside the Sun, Earthquakes are powered by Gods Electricity through the Sun and this video is started by an earthquake with the Sun thumping the floor waking up the skull and cross bones along with the upside down cross, a symbol for anti-authoritarianism and defiance. The upside down cross is a symbol for anti-authoritarianism and defiance and led by The Prodigy Ant in the video..

Worlds on Fire "Worlds on fire, its about to expire, its too close to the wire". - Time up, your too close to the wire, the wire is greed. Never evolve on it. The Fat of the Land just wired their greed to Gods Electricity to blow up cities like Christchurch and Fukushima. Change direction soon or God will answer this stupidity..

The Day is my Enemy [2015]