Many people in this world call themselves Christian, the meaning of the word Christian means a follower in Jesus Christ our Lord Son of God. But few really are followers according to the Bible. Spiritually the Bible tells us as Christians we are on a fallen planet, behind enemy lines. We are here to love the enemy and deliver the spirit of truth and love to the world so that spirits and souls can be saved. Its a really difficult thing to do, we try our best to do it with love but many including myself are inflicted with great tribulation for being Christian on this Earth. Couple of misconceptions, history comes from the word 'his' 'story' - if you are really a Christian you will be careful what you believe in this fallen world. The Bible tells us we live on spiritually fallen planet, true love is the meaning of Christianity by following the way the truth and the life of Jesus Christ is the only way you get there. He gave two us rules to begin with, you love your God and you love your enemy. You do not love your enemy by deceiving it and telling a lie to it but by giving it the truth with as much love and passion as you can give. One very serious example of events on a fallen earth that stirs up many emotions in people is World War 2 and the Holocaust - the true meaning of the word holocaust is a burnt offering to the Lord. Jesus Christ specifically forbids it in the Bible therefore how could a Christian nation have orchistrated this crime, the answer is simple in the judgement and eyes of the almighty God that nations of the world simply are not Christian. They simple cannot be Christian in the eyes and judgement of the omniscient God because they do not follow the way of Jesus Christ. The truth that will trouble many is why name, participate and advertise this murderous event with the name of a Holocaust. The truth might hurt people but should not be avoided if you are a Christian, there is a satanic religion in the Bible (meaning deceptive), and that is what Jesus Christ said to the Jew, and Judaism specifically believes in burnt offerings to the lord. World War 2 and the Holocaust is extremely sad event but why call it a holocaust, by definition no Christian can carry out this event in the eyes of God and still call himself a Christian (follower in Christ). This only really leaves two groups - the Jew and the Heathen. If you see where i am going with this it is not hatred of the Jew that i state these facts, I have also lost relatives in World Wars, I merely am trying to be honest about our fallen planet as a Christian. We as Christians must love the Jew and the Heathen, and love requires that you do not lie to them about events on this planet and what caused them. Anyone who thinks love is based on a lie does not know the meaning of love. We as Christians should never lie to the enemy. Never forgot there is a religion in Europe that does allow burnt offerings to the lord, and it certainly isnt any follower in Christ. The cause of WW2 is simple and summed up in the Bible, "For the love of money is the root of all evil". This is just one example of events on a fallen planet that create a lot of tension and discomfort, but we should not silence them but try to love them as it is the way of man on the Earth and part of who we are. We must learn from them and stay truthful about them, not try to prohibit discussion about them using laws. I have personal experience in many other misconceptions. Two i would like to describe> Christchurch Earthquakes... This is the most painful thing and I cant put my pain into words Rape of my true love at Bath University in England using people that called themselves the Catholic Church. Remember- when they tortured you they were always saying Burn Burn Burn in my head. I am a Christian and Jesus Christ says you always love your enemy, you never give burnt offering to the lord. i know the people that torture me might call themselves the Catholic church, or 'the Church', or the black nobility. They are infact Jews and Heathens because of what they say into my spirit in my head using mind control. I have never had a Christian mind controller on this Earth love me, because no one has given my true love the truth about what happened. All mind controllers that have dealt with me on this earth are Jews and Heathens. We will know them by their fruit... I knew I loved her from the start, and i have proven it to everyone involved with me in the mind control sector. Give her all the truth about me, how much i have been tortured, and let her understand i have even deciphered the hieroglyps for her. Stop mind controlling lies into her so that she ignores me. I cannot commit to words the evil that this is you are perpetrating. My heart was physically waling to the core after what you did to me at university and it has since gone numb, it is only by the power of God and the holy spirit that i have kept this fight going. You torture love anymore and God the almighty will send you to the bottomless pit you belong, i know it in my heart.

To all the people that think they are Gods on this earth, they can never be God because they will have sinned and God does not suffer corruption from the flesh but is created in the image of man. God is spirit, God is Love, and God is surely ELECTRIC.